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Scitex Digital Printing Introduces New Products, Strategy for VersaMark

Press release from the issuing company

Dayton, Ohio (October 26, 2003) – Scitex Digital Printing today announced sweeping changes to its VersaMark brand family as part of its strategic plan to expand the options for customers to use its award-winning digital printing technology. In conjunction with the announcement, the company used Xplor International, recognized worldwide as a premiere trade show and conference, to unveil two new products in the series. In the product realignment, the VersaMark brand family now has three distinct product lines: an entry-level monochrome series, VersaMark JetBlack; a mid-line series, VersaMark Vantage; and a high-end series, VersaMark Ultra. Both the JetBlack and Vantage products are available with a print speed of 350 feet per minute (fpm) and can be upgraded to 500 fpm, Ultra is available at 500 fpm with the capability to print up to 1000 fpm. Each series offers several models of printing systems, and each model features high-speed, 100% variable data digital printing technology and a modular design architecture that are the hallmarks of printing equipment from Scitex Digital Printing. “Expanding our VersaMark product family is in response to the market’s need for the competitive advantage of digital printing on the one hand and the concern for capital preservation on the other,” explained Kazem Samandari, vice president of Global Marketing and Product Management at Scitex Digital Printing. “With these products, users can now select exactly where they can most comfortably enter the arena of digital printing knowing that they can upgrade as their business needs grow or change. From monochrome and spot-color digital printing all the way to process color digital printing, the VersaMark name now means an integrated and upgradeable system solution.” The new model introductions to the VersaMark brand represent the first major reengineering since the product family was launched over three years ago. “The time was right to re-examine our innovative technology and rethink how we could make it available to as many market segments as possible,” continued Samandari. “With VersaMark JetBlack, VersaMark Vantage and VersaMark Ultra, we have developed and implemented a modular platform across product lines to deliver tomorrow’s technology today.” VersaMark’s integrated systems, long associated for printing what the company has termed Business Color applications, now include products for black-and-white and spot color printing with an upgrade path to process color. On the show floor, Scitex Digital Printing unveiled the first JetBlack Printing System and a redesigned Vantage Printing System, one of 11 models available in the mid-line series. Summarizing the company’s strategy for revamping the VersaMark brand, Samandari concluded, “We are committed to serving our industry by providing the widest possible selection of innovative products with a sensitivity to the real-world concern for capital preservation. For users who have hesitated in exploring the benefits of digital printing, we invite them to take a new or another look at the possibilities offered by Scitex Digital Printing.”