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RR Donnelley Pioneers New Thermal Gravure Technology

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, Feb. 19 -- RR Donnelley today announced that it has partnered with Creo Inc. and Acigraf to develop and implement the first thermal gravure system for the U.S. commercial print industry. Thermal gravure will enable greater consistency and accuracy providing customers with a higher quality printed product as well as reduced set up times, during the cylinder engraving process. The first thermal gravure system will be installed later this year in RR Donnelley's Reno, Nev., facility. Introducing this technology is part of RR Donnelley's strategy to deliver a more consistent, accurate and predictable printing process, and in return help customers build their brands through higher quality printed products. Traditionally, cylinder engraving is an electro-mechanical process, including a diamond stylus that undergoes tremendous stress during each engraving. Similar to other electro-mechanical processes, the current cylinder engraving process has the potential for variability with respect to color consistency and color accuracy across a print job. With the new thermal gravure technology, a single laser replaces multiple diamond engraving heads, reducing the number of moving parts. In doing so, RR Donnelley will have better control of the engraving process and increase the accuracy of the image engraved on the cylinder. As a result, customers will have sharper type and color with more consistency across the pages of each print run. The thermal gravure technology will also allow RR Donnelley to shorten its cycle times during the prepress process providing customers with more time to sell advertising space or finalize their content and images. In addition, this technology will enable a common workflow for customers to use between the gravure and offset printing processes. "Our customers' success is at the heart of our business," said John Campanelli, president of RR Donnelley Print Solutions. "That's why we are relentless at developing new and innovative ways to create higher quality printed products for our customers. With thermal gravure technology, RR Donnelley's gravure printing customers will benefit from sharper type as well as greater color consistency." Campanelli continued, "RR Donnelley and Creo have a proven track record in the print industry for pioneering new technology. Our previous joint collaboration led to revolutionizing offset printing with computer-to-plate technology. With our insight into the gravure printing process and Creo's expertise in developing imaging technology and software, together we can set new industry standards for quality gravure print." "Our partnership with RR Donnelley allows us to drive technological innovation in the printing industry with a focus on creating value for our customers, and their customers," said Judi Hess, president of Creo. "Creo is committed to developing solutions that meet the ever-increasing demand for higher quality and color consistency in a shorter time frame."