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RDM Launches The In-line MICR Verifier

Press release from the issuing company

ATLANTA, GA, Oct. 27 - RDM Corporation, the leading provider of MICR Quality solutions announced today at the Xplor 2003 Conference and Exhibit the introduction of the In-line MICR Verifier. The In-line MICR Verifier is designed as a valuable tool to streamline the testing of MICR documents in continuous print environment. The In-line MICR Verifier was developed in response to the special needs of the continuous-form MICR printing industry and eliminates the need to "break the web" to perform vital MICR testing. In today's MICR testing environment, many printers are required to stop the production, cut a sample from the production web, test, and account for the missing checks then re- attach the sample to the production stream. This is an expensive, time consuming process that adds challenges to the tight print window to get these jobs completed. The In-line MICR Verifier is designed to operate in the document production stream. The continuous form of MICR documents flows through the In-line MICR Verifier unimpeded. When a MICR test is required, printing is halted momentarily. The MICR head of the In-Line MICR Verifier is simply lowered onto the web and a MICR test is performed by magnetic sensors that sweep across the documents. The In-line Verifier performs multiple checks simultaneously and in seconds the test is complete. The MICR head is then lifted and printing can resume. The complete MICR test is performed with a few simple steps in the product stream. "Because the In-line MICR Verifier eliminates the need to break the web it is estimated that continuous form MICR printers will save 1 hour of production time per shift and the additional paperwork to account for test checks removed from the production run," said Tom Kettell, Vice President, Marketing, RDM Corporation. "With the In-line MICR Verifier, the quality control of MICR documents is efficient and simplified which can significantly reduce costly scrap as a result of poorly printed checks. That's real cost savings that go straight to our customers bottom line." The In-line MICR Verifier is supported by an intuitive, easy to use Windows based software application. This application provides the user with graphical representation of MICR characters and MICR signal strength - information vital to quality MICR printing. The report engine in the software provides a myriad of reporting options that insure our customers get the analytical data they need when they need it. The reporting engine provides MICR quality information on Dimensional Analysis, Character Spacing, Extraneous Ink Detection, and MICR Line Intrusion Detection. It also provides user defined, programmable alarms to manage quality excursions in print quality. "RDM Corporation has been providing innovative quality assurance solutions to the MICR document print industry since 1987 and have set the industry standard for MICR testing," said Douglas Newman, President and CEO of RDM Corporation. "Our solutions have been the only MICR testing products that test to the ANSI X9 standard. The introduction of the In-line Verifier affirms our commitment to providing the industry with innovative MICR quality assurance solutions designed to increase productivity while reducing cost. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the needs of our customers and by leveraging our core competencies and experience to meet those needs."