Creo Launches Email File Exchange Solution

Press release from the issuing company

BOSTON -- October 21, 2003 -- Creo Inc. today launched Tokens(tm) software, a file-sharing solution for deliivering large files by email. This new technology from Creo enables users, such as business and creative professionals, to exchange files easily, securely and efficiently through email. This breakthrough application allows users to create an alias or shortcut-called a Token-that can be sent via email or instant message. The Token itself is only a few kilobytes in size even when the files are many megabytes. The recipient simply opens the Token to retrieve the files. User Quotes... "Sending files, folders or entire projects has never been this easy," says Bo Astrup, chief technology officer, NP3 Communication, one of Denmark's largest advertising agencies. "We are now able to share information with our customers in an efficient and economic way." NP3 Communication uses Tokens software to transmit graphic files, proofs and entire catalogue projects to their clients. Tokens software also handles large video files with ease. "Sending a single large video composition file can easily eat up an entire email box allocation on any network," explains Patrick Brennan, chief executive officer, PBC Media of Sundance, Utah, USA. "We need to send multiple versions of video files to our clients for review and setting up an FTP transfer to share these files is time consuming, especially with limited IT support. With Tokens, I can package and share files right from my desktop, no matter how large the file or files might be. I stay productive and know that my clients will be able to get what they need-whenever or wherever they choose." Creo Quote... "This solution combines the simplicity of email attachments with the flexibility of FTP sites," says Mark Lemmons, director, Creative Software Group, Creo. "With one-click, users can compress, encrypt, and deliver anything via email without size or format restrictions." With Tokens, Creo extends its offering of creative workflow solutions. Tokens software is an ideal application for anyone who creates and transmits content as part of their livelihood. Tokens facilitates the exchange of large digital files for graphic designers; agencies; and service bureaus. Pricing and Availability... There are two components in Tokens software: the Token Redeemer is used by the recipient to locate and download the file or collection of files. It is available free of charge now from the Creo website at www.creo.com/tokens. The Token Creator is required to create the Token that is emailed to the recipient. The Creo Token Creator sells for SRP US$49 and is available through www.creo.com/tokens. It includes a one-year Creo Relay Service that ensures files can be received across firewalls. The Creo Tokens Server provides workgroups and enterprises with the flexibility, control, and ease-of-use they require when deploying Tokens. The Creo Tokens Server sells for SRP US$595 at Creo through www.creo.com/tokens and partners in Europe. A free trial version of Tokens software, including both the Redeemer and Creator, is available for download on the Creo website. It allows users to try the full product features and experience the benefits of Tokens at no cost for one week. Creo Tokens is now available in English. Versions of Tokens software in French, German, Italian, and Spanish language are expected to be available in early 2004. Information about the availability, volume license pricing and support policies is available online at www.creo.com/tokens.