Pageflex Premiers .EDIT 3.0 at the DMA Expo

Press release from the issuing company

DMA Expo ORLANDO, Fla.--Oct. 13, 2003--Pageflex, a pioneer of Web-top publishing, today announced the beta release of .EDIT version 3.0 at the Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference and Exposition in Orlando, Fla. This third generation of Pageflex .EDIT software premiering at DMA takes Web-top publishing to a new level. .EDIT 3.0 includes features enabling creators of marketing and advertising materials to offer robust but easy-to-use browser-based editing that makes self-service customization and versioning for sophisticated designs a reality. Extending an already rich feature set for online interactive template editing, .EDIT 3.0 offers image uploading with cropping and scaling, enabling end users to place their own images into templates and easily optimize image positioning within the design. For perfecting copy, the new release adds text importing, spell checking, and find-and-replace text substitution. .EDIT 3.0 also introduces the next wave in ad creation and editing by adding capabilities for changing page size dynamically. Users can now increase or decrease page dimensions on the fly during a Web editing session, so that elements within the design flex and re-flow to protect the visual design within the new boundaries. Other features empower marketing and branding executives who need to maintain consistent image and content while still offering choices to end-users creating local campaigns. .EDIT 3.0 allows users to insert static or variable formatted content into documents dynamically in the browser editing session, through simple pop-up or point-and-click options in the user interface. "This new version of .EDIT offers something to everyone involved in Web-top publishing initiatives," explained Costas Kitsos, Vice President of Engineering for Pageflex. "Creators of advertising and marketing templates have more control than ever over the final design integrity of a piece, while end-users reap the full benefit of truly self-service collateral and ads within professional guidelines." Pageflex is introducing .EDIT 3.0 this week at the DMA Expo and is demonstrating the product's extensive feature set on the show floor in both the Pageflex booth and the Xerox booth. "With the radical innovations that .EDIT 3.0 brings to Web-top publishing for marketing, advertising, and brand executives, this was the ideal place to introduce .EDIT 3.0 to the market," explained Alice Fackre, Pageflex Product Marketing Manager. "Web-top publishing has moved beyond the early adoption stage and is now becoming a key element in marketing and advertising service offerings. .EDIT 3.0 makes introducing these services easy for the deployer and gaining their benefits easy for the end-user." Early adopters of Web-top publishing workflows, including CGXmedia, Expresscopy, Mediaflex, and Wise Business Forms, are enrolled in the .EDIT 3.0 beta testing program. "Pageflex .EDIT software was the most technologically advanced solution when we purchased version 2.0," said Mohamad Tawil, Production Manager at CGXmedia. "With 3.0 we expect to continue adding to our list of services and to our customer satisfaction levels." CGXmedia has currently deployed .EDIT across several Consolidated Graphics locations with COIN, its network for ordering, proofing, and tracking print purchases online. A complete list of .EDIT 3.0 features is available by request from Pageflex. The company expects to complete .EDIT 3.0 beta testing in mid-Q4 and follow with the release of the product by the end of Q4.