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Prisco Introduces New Systems and Products at Graph Expo

Press release from the issuing company

Newark, NJ, October 13, 2003 - Prisco (Printers' Service) announced the introduction of several important new systems and products for the pressroom at Graph Expo 2003 in Chicago. Prisco shared the booth at Graph Expo 2003 with one of our primary blanket partners, ContiTech. We are doing this to highlight the importance of ContiTech cutting edge blanket technology for the North American market. While Prisco has always been predominant in the sheetfed market segment, in the last year we have seen the success of the Prisco package for commercial web offset printing. The offering is composed of the Priscolith Conti-Air Zenith, Prisco Webfount fountain concentrates and Prisco Webwash blanket and roller washes. We have proven that customers have reaped the benefits of measurable increases in productivity and quality. At the booth we demonstrated why the Priscolith Conti-Air Zenith can make a demonstrable improvement in the web pressroom with its unique "True Rolling" concept technology. A special blanket carcass and the patented compressible layer used in its construction contribute to unmatched paper control without over-feeding. Measured tension on the paper web is significantly less when Zenith is used versus competitive blankets. This translates to fewer web breaks and a significant increase in productivity. Webfount fountain concentrates have been instrumental in solving major issues on several key high-speed web press designs in the North American market. We have assisted our customers in achieving higher productivity through faster makeready, significantly fewer web breaks and wider press running latitude. Our Webwash has proven to be another key to enhance productivity. These products assure faster wash-ups between press runs and reduced press maintenance with a reduced impact on the environment. Prisco has recently added a new cost-effective blanket solution to our offering, the Priscolith Conti-Air Prisma. The Prisma is a top performer in all sheetfed applications including packaging. The blanket employs patented Conti-Air compressible layer technology assuring consistent blanket gauge before and during the press run. It produces sharp print quality and is compatible with conventional and hybrid inks. The blanket is extremely durable, with a long life and resistance to edge cutting. Prisco is proud to introduce our new technology for reducing VOC levels in the pressroom with products for blanket and roller washing. These new products have a high cleaning ability without the greasy-oily residue usually associated with reduced VOC products. This results in easier and more complete clean-up for maximum press uptime and improved print quality. Our low VOC washes are based upon our highly successful and proven wash products. Current available products include: · Autowash 4300 and Autowash 5900, - water miscible washes for manual or automatic systems · Autowash 9070 - a water miscible wash with no HAPS ingredients for manual or automatic systems · E-Cure Classic NH - water miscible wash with no HAPS ingredients for both conventional and UV ink applications · PES C34 - a non-water miscible wash for newspaper web applications Last year, Prisco opened a new facility for computer aided manufacturing of coatings in Charlotte, NC, to insure that we would be better able to meet the needs of our customers. The R&D staff has over 60 years combined experience in aqueous and UV coating technology for the printing industry. Since opening we have introduced coatings that are truly superior to competitive products. Prisco is happy to announce the introduction of the Q4000 Series Matte and Q5000 Series Satin Aqueous Coatings that are totally streakless. These coatings dry to a smooth uniform film even when applied over solid colors, without artifacts (gripper and tail streaks, roller marks, etc.). The coating forms an extremely tough film that resists burnishing and marring. The coatings represent a truly unique technology with a quality level that cannot be matched by other competitive products. Also, for the first time, Prisco was pleased to exhibit our new line of E-Cure UV Coatings. Prisco E-Cure Coatings combine state-of-the-art manufacturing consistency with superior product characteristics for all UV coating applications. E-Cure coatings are available in a number of distinctive gloss and matte finishes including pearlescent and glitter. To make the use of coating both efficient and economical, Prisco is introducing the Priscolith Aqueous and UV Coating Recirculator. Prisco has designed the unit to reduce maintenance down-time and improve the quality of the coating process. The fully micro-processor controlled unit has PLC controls, user defined flow rates, unlimited hot water, alarm systems, and drum sensors. It offers total flexibility allowing for the use of Aqueous and UV Coatings or Flexographic Inks. Finally, Prisco introduced a new offset plate cleaner which combines easy image area ink removal, non-image area desensitization, plate storage protection and scratch removal in one product. Finally, one product that does it all for all aqueous analog and CTP offset plates. Printers' Service is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of offset pressroom chemistry, coatings, blankets, supply items and process control equipment. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, customers have been able to count on quality products and superior support services from Printers' Service for over 100 years. The Prisco product lines include environmentally friendly fountain solutions, solvents, coatings, cleaners and lubricants. PriscoTech equipment products include water management, chemical blending, chemical recycling, waste reduction and coating systems. Printers' Service has eleven locations in the US, Canada and Europe to better serve the industry.