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Networked Graphic Production Expands Partnership

Press release from the issuing company

BOSTON -- October 6, 2003 -- Networked Graphic Production(tm) (NGP) has evolved substantially since Creo introduced the strategic initiative two years ago. Today, 27 leading companies in the graphic arts and printing industry around the world have joined the Networked Graphic Production Partner initiative. Together, these forward-thinking companies will jointly manage the direction and mandate of Networked Graphic Production. "These leading vendors have committed to create JDF-based integration and deliver tangible benefits to our joint customers," says Amos Michelson, Creo chief executive officer. "Networked Graphic Production is helping printers, print buyers, suppliers and creative professionals to integrate, automate and optimize their operation and build a more efficient and collaborative environment. We are making interoperability real. Printers recognize that NGP Partner solutions provide an efficient, plug-and-play environment." Looking Ahead to New JDF Solutions... The powerful Networked Graphic Production Partners are committed to defining, developing, testing and delivering JDF-based integration between their systems to bring tangible value to printers, print buyers and creative professionals. By delivering closely integrated, cross-vendor solutions, Networked Graphic Production leads the way to maximize the efficiency of the entire print production process. Outlining Networked Graphic Production... Increased efficiencies through automation, integration, and cross-vendor interoperability is the main goal of Networked Graphic Production. This is made possible through the definition of a standardized set of NGP interfaces, based on the JDF standard. By adopting this JDF interface, each of the NGP Partner solutions are able to communicate with one another, thereby creating an NGP family of plug-and-play solutions that can be combined together to provide seamless flow of job and production data across the entire production process. -- Defining the integration points: Together, the NGP Partners work with printers and print buyers to determine the highest vvalue to customers; -- Developing the connections: All of the NGP Partners are committed to developing each of the relevant integration points ussing the agreed-upon JDF-based NGP interfaces. This ensures each NGP Partner solution will be compatible with the other NGP Partner solutions; -- Testing the integrations: When building cross-vendor, plug-and-play solutions, testing the integrations and ensuring they deliver as promised, is key. Each NGP solution will be tested and certified to ensure it meets the original integration goal; -- Deliver solutions to the market: Several NGP solutions are available today and many joint customers are already benefitingg from these connections. The growth of the NGP Partner Program will see the number of cross-vendor NGP solutions increase exponentially; -- Delivering the value of JDF: NGP Partners are working closely with the CIP4 standards committee. NGP Partners are committeed to assisting the evolution of the JDF standard and ensuring that together, they deliver real world, working JDF-integration to the market. NGP Today and into the Future... Many of the Networked Graphic Production Partners are demonstrating their NGP solutions in action today, at their booths at Graph Expo. Development of new NGP solutions, to be introduced next spring at drupa 2004 in D¸sseldorf, Germany, is already underway. The expanded NGP partnership will hold its annual general meeting during Graph Expo where partners will meet face-to-face to agree on the directions of the partnership into the future. For more information about the Networked Graphic Production Partner program, please visit the new web site at www.ngppartners.org.