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Hostmann-Steinberg Launches New Rapida Optima QK Advanced Inks For High-Speed Presses

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, September 30, 2003 — Hostmann-Steinberg, one of the world's largest manufacturers of printing inks and related products, today announced the launch of the newest advance in its HiT (Highly Improved Technology) ink series – Rapida Optima QK 1765 high-speed offset inks for sheetfed production. A result of Hostmann-Steinberg's new developments in resin and varnish technology, and modern manufacturing facilities, Rapida Optima QK 1765 is a remarkable series of fast-setting inks formulated for high-speed presses where fast job turn-around is critical. The new Rapida Optima QK 1765 ink formulation uses specially developed HiT varnish components, enabling the inks to set rapidly to a hard, scuff- and mark-resistant film surface, making it possible to back up press runs within only five minutes. The new inks also dramatically lower the amount of spray powders required, while significantly reducing blocking and offsetting to a minimum, allowing printers to pile printed sheets higher at the end of the press. In addition to their fast-setting properties on a wide variety of substrates, Rapida Optima QK 1765 inks are compounded to stay open on a press for extended periods of time and open in the can for periods of up to three days. David Daffern, Technical Director of Hostmann-Steinberg noted, "The Rapida Optima QK 1765 series is the fastest ink we have ever developed, and yet it still performs well on press. One of the reasons it can go through a press at such high speed is that it leaves a very hard surface that doesn't scuff or mark. Rapida Optima QK 1735 represents an important advance in ink technology that is certain to help printers achieve outstanding pressroom performance and unsurpassed quality." The new formulations use components that enhance transfer and improve dot sharpness. Rapida Optima QK 1765 series is a medium tack range of inks suitable for a broad spectrum of paper stocks and press conditions. The inks are wax-free and are UV coatable and laminateable. The hard ink film of the Rapida Optima QK 1765 line is highly compatible with the rigorous requirements of laser printers. When thoroughly dry, Rapida Optima QK 1765 inks do not smear when subjected to the intense heat of laser printers. Rapida Optima QK 1765 inks are available in process colors packaged in state-of-the-art 5.5 lb. vacuum-sealed cans. Pitman Company, the leading independent North American graphic arts supplier, is the distributor for Hostmann-Steinberg's full line of offset inks in the United States. The Rapida Optima QK 1765 brand name for the new Hostmann-Steinberg ink series is derived from the company's designation for the product's performance characteristics. "Rapida" is the company's corporate name for fast-setting properties. "Optima" signifies the product's optimum printability and quality results. "QK" reflects the new ink line's remarkable stay-open characteristics. The "1765" suffix refers to the founding year of Michael Huber Munich, Hostmann-Steinberg's parent company.