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RR Donnelley acquires Nimblefish Technologies to expand multi-channel marketing capabilities

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago - R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company announced today that it has acquired the assets of San Francisco-based Nimblefish Technologies, a provider of multi-channel marketing services to leading retail, technology, telecom, hospitality and other customers. Nimblefish's innovative software services include integrating direct mail, email, web, PURL and variable video components into multi-touch, multi-channel customer prospecting and engagement programs.

"Nimblefish will increase the range of multi-channel solutions that we provide to our customers," said Thomas J. Quinlan III, RR Donnelley's President and Chief Executive Officer. "The addition of Nimblefish's innovative products will enable our customers to draw on RR Donnelley for automated programs that touch customers and prospects with intelligent rules-based messaging that is responsive to their interests and actions. This will leverage our extensive digital platform which offers the ability to personalize communications in quantities from one to millions."

Among Nimblefish's strategic products is Nurture, which enhances customer relationship management programs with highly personalized direct multi-channel communications that speak to the individual interests of each prospect and customer.

"As we continue to offer an exciting array of integrated communications capabilities to our customers, this acquisition will also take advantage of our marketing scale, creative resources, and direct response expertise," added Quinlan.


By Clint Bolte on Dec 15, 2010

While RRD perceives of a logical extension of their full service offering with this acquisition, selling the distinct service and expanding the RRD client mindset to embrace this additional value add will be an interesting challenge.

RRD has a well deserved and acknowledged reputation in the market place for R&D leading to improved product development. Many customers are eager to try ... at an early adopter's discount.

There is nothing about the Nimblefish offering that is R&D or "maybe value" ... except its new owner preception in the this market.

I hope that RRD sales force proves me wrong. (We'll probably never know the overall sales and marketing learning curve to bring this supplementary offering to maturity.)

The rest of the industry - particularly small commercial printers - don't need to buy the cow to offer the special flavored milk to their clients.

Merry Christmas!



By Murray Oles on Dec 15, 2010

Sorry Clint, I don't get it. Why post an erroneous negative comment full of bad grammar and typographic errors. Clearly RRD is recognizing that speed to market with popular new tools is paramount. I say kudos to RRD for making the smart choice. I am very confident that RRD will make great use of this asset.



By Michael O'Leary on Dec 15, 2010

I concur with Murray. Just because RRD has a reptuation as the biggest of big printers, it doesn't mean they don't (or can't) recognize the increasing value and strategic relevance of marketing services in its portfolio. Nimblefish services and technology can only help in this regard.

Are there caveats? Of course! Any time a giant acquires someone, there are many questions regarding how the business gets integrated, if at all. And there's always the risk of the smaller, "nimble" player getting run over by corporate bureaucracy. But that certainly isn't unique to RRD.


By Chuck Gehman on Dec 17, 2010

I was surprised by this acquisition and it's very exciting.

RRD is doing some extremely innovative things these days, and there is certainly significant intellectual property, brainpower among the employees, and experience with some important customers in this acquisition that are very valuable.



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