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Kodak Prosper Press to expand Tribune Direct Marketing's capabilities

Press release from the issuing company

Rochester, N.Y. - Tribune Direct Marketing is the first direct marketing company to use the KODAK PROSPER Press Platform to offer unique capabilities for producing personalized, full-color direct mail solutions that meet customers' requirements in today's digital marketing environment.

"We believe that the PROSPER Press will be a game-changer for our industry," said Lou Tazioli, President, Tribune Direct. "The PROSPER Press brings flexibility to vary both the images and content of every single mail piece to achieve maximum relevancy and ROI for our clients."

Tribune Direct Marketing selected the PROSPER Press because of several features that make it ideally suited for direct marketers looking to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Those features include speed, productivity and substrate flexibility. The PROSPER Press will offer speeds up to 650 feet per minute, while providing offset printing image quality on a broad range of paper. In addition, the press boasts an advanced ink formulation to further enhance print quality, durability and the unique ability to print on glossy coated substrates.

"Our clients are utilizing transaction-level data along with traditional RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary), demographic, and lifestyle models to drive a more targeted one-to-one communications strategy," said Tim Klunder, Vice President of Sales and Client Relations, Tribune Direct. "The PROSPER Press helps us to meet client needs by offering  high quality, lower cost personalized print solutions in ways that were not possible before. With the PROSPER Press, fully personalized marketing campaigns are available to clients in ways that are consistent with today's economic realities and the pressure to improve returns on marketing investments."

Along with direct marketing solutions, Tribune Direct will produce niche publications and other highly targeted printed material with the PROSPER Press.

"Tribune Direct is one of the leading thought leaders and practitioners in direct marketing that has built its reputation for developing outstanding programs that get results in a number of ways, including embracing the latest technology," said Ronen Cohen, Vice President, Inkjet Printing Solutions, Kodak. "We look forward to working with Tribune Direct on taking its direct marketing capabilities and solutions to even greater heights with the support of the PROSPER Press."