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Xplor Predicts Do-Not-Call List Will Benefit Electronic Print Industry

Press release from the issuing company

TORRANCE, Calif., Aug. 13 -- Xplor International, the electronic document systems association, today predicted that the national (U.S.) "Do-Not-Call" list will have an unexpected side benefit -- increasing spending in the electronic printing and direct mail space. Currently, companies have numerous ways in which to reach new customers: telemarketing, email, fax and print. Telemarketing is coming under increased regulation that will limit the ability of companies to solicit new customers via the telephone. Fax has also been regulated for some years, and has been limited as a medium for contacting new customers. Additionally, new laws are enacted on an ongoing basis attempting to limit the amount of email spam that bombards homes and offices. "Using the Post Office is virtually the only way that U.S. companies have to contact new customers that is not becoming increasingly limited by legislation," said William J. "Bill" McCalpin, General Manager of Xplor International. The creation and delivery of paper marketing materials is relatively expensive compared to other media. However, companies can effectively use paper-marketing media today by using a combination of sophisticated electronic printers and data processing skills. "Today's electronic printers can do incredible high-speed black & white, highlight color, business color, and near-offset quality full color, so that marketing departments can balance their message against the cost of production," said McCalpin. "And the sophisticated use of data processing enables 1:1 marketing messages, customized communications, and precisely defined recipient groups." Xplor International consists of the users and suppliers of the hardware and software that merges the abilities of electronic printers and sophisticated data processing software. "As such, Xplor International is one of the leading places in which to find information on how to improve a company's ability to find new customers in light of increasing regulation," said McCalpin. Xplor International will host the 24th annual Global Electronic Document Systems Conference and Exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) October 26-29, 2003. The conference will have more than 100 sessions concentrating on the business and technology aspects of all phases of electronic document systems, and the exhibit will present more than 100 companies who have specific product and service solutions to offer.