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Dalim Software has Gold at their booth

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago, IL, USA – For nearly twenty years, Dalim Software has established a history of innovation and leadership in the graphic arts industry. At Graph Expo, Ira Gold presented a discussion about why automated workflows, incorporating collaboration, web presence, and JDF compatibility are important tools for printers and content creators. Concurrently, Dalim Software will present real examples of how its solutions have helped printers and publishers, large and small, facing daily technology issues, attain higher levels of competency –thus, providing empowerment through innovation. Along with DALiM TWiST and DALiM SWiNG workflow software, Dalim Software demonstrated DALiM MiSTRAL, TWiST PRiNTEMPO, and DALiM DiALOGUE, new software solutions for printers: DALiM DiALOGUE: Online remote and collaborative viewing and soft-proofing of files from Macintosh OS X. The only such product to run under Macintosh OS X, DALiM DiALOGUE provides customers on-line ability from any common web browser to provide remote and collaborative viewing and soft proofing of high-resolution files (such as PDF, PDF/X, PostScript, CT/LW, TIFF, etc.) via the Internet. DALiM DiALOGUE was introduced specifically as a stand-alone product running under Macintosh OS X during MacWorld this past June, and earned a “Best of Show” from Macworld editors. DALiM MiSTRAL: Web-based interface for production tracking, administration, correction and approval: DALiM MiSTRAL, based on Dalim Software’s unique FiCELLETM, technology is a print production management system that is both the common electronic submission interface for production assembly and the interface for subsequent production tracking, administration, correction, approval and printing. The system allows all parties involved in the development of “publishable material” to have a single, common electronic interface to obtain information on the development of the project in real time, from the convenience of a web browser. And, it can also share ODBC compliant production data between the workflow and business systems on other computers. JDF compliance is a central component to DALiM MiSTRAL, allowing tasks such as advanced job ticketing, imposition, and preflighting. TWiST PRiNTEMPO: Internal JDF production tracking software: TWiST PRiNTEMPO is a browser-based JDF print production system that can be used by a printer using any common web browser, on any client platform, to monitor the status of the production of pages and trigger actions such as the generation of plates or proofs. An optional module to the DALiM TWiST automated workflow system, TWiST PRINTEMPO can also automate production of imposed pages via JDF. TWiST PRiNTEMPO automatically prepares a flat based upon previously-created specs. Pages can be automatically positioned by naming convention, although they can also by positioned manually by a simple “drag & drop” interface. At any given moment, the production operator has a clear status overview of each page of the job and can follow comprehensive, prioritized and automated steps to produce its work. TWiST PRiNTEMPO provides a printer all of the benefits and power of job status monitoring/viewing/reporting, but with the flexibility to operate in a complete, open prepress environment. Furthermore, PRiNTEMPO is currently the only system to automatically generate complete print signatures totally via interaction with JDF instructions. . “As a company Dalim Software can demonstrate a litany of unique, innovative technologies, but our vision is where technology works in empathy with the user, rather than in competition,” comments Dr. Carol Werlé, CEO Dalim Software. “Thus, our focus at Graph Expo is to demonstrate very specific examples where customers have adopted technology ahead of the curve and put it to productive use. If the technologists want to see bits and bytes we can do that as well as anyone, but it’s the results that count.”