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Printcafe Unveils New Suite of Shop Floor Data Collection Products

Press release from the issuing company

GRAPH EXPO, Chicago, IL - Printcafe Software, Inc, the operating system for print, announced a new suite of shop floor data collection products for users of the Logic SQL print management system. The Paper Monitor add-on module and Web Stock Inventory application is currently in Beta release, with the Auto-Count 100N expected to enter Beta release later this year. These shop floor data collection solutions will enable users to better track production activity and inventory performance, a crucial element of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). "Part of our vision is to automate the manufacturing process so that all shop floor activities are automatically captured and fed back in the print management system," said Marc Olin, Printcafe CEO. "These new products will work together in the overall computer integrated manufacturing vision so that all production activity and inventory consumption can be automated and captured in a timely fashion, eliminating manual data entry and providing printers' with better control and visibility." The following products were announced at Graph Expo: The Paper Monitor The new user-friendly Paper Monitor add-on module uses a Direct Machine Interface (DMI) to collect measurements on paper consumption for web presses, including wrap, strip, and core waste as well as paper through the press. The data collected by the Paper Monitor is also used to provide costing and inventory control functions within the Logic SQL system. The collected information detects variances in the basis weight of paper consumed, helping operators to make better decisions about paper requirements and insuring accurate paper deliveries from paper mills. The Paper Monitor works in concert with Auto-Count 3000 on web presses to give superior management control over web press production. Auto-Count 100N The Auto-Count line of tools use DMI technology to interface with every piece of critical production equipment from sheet fed to web presses. Auto-Count 100N is the latest addition to this family of products, proving affordable, networked data collection for a variety of small presses and bindery equipment including folders and mail inserts. Auto-Count 100N is a networked version of the serial-based Auto-Count 100. The Auto-Count 100N consists of a numeric DMI keypad for data entry, along with an external Good Count Switch and DMI counter interface. Auto-Count 100N supports all types of data collection transactions in the Logic SQL management system. Its low cost and simple user interface makes it an ideal choice for print companies who plan to implement computer integrated manufacturing in their facilities. Web Stock Inventory The Web Stock Inventory application of the Logic SQL management system enables users to manage and control the purchase and consumption of web paper stocks. Through hand-held scanners, Web Stock Inventory tracks a company's purchase, receipt, and consumption of paper on a roll-by-roll basis; including weight, cost, location in a warehouse, dates of receipt and usage, condition of the paper, and whether it is a whole or partially used roll. The system works in conjunction with Logic SQL's inventory and purchasing features to provide unparalleled visibility into paper inventories and a complete solution for optimizing the management of paper. Web Stock Inventory enables users to closely track paper consumption and implement just-in-time purchasing methods which can make the difference between profitable success and losing money on jobs.