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EPG To Purchase GRIPdigital, Inc.

Press release from the issuing company

Centerbrook, CT (August 18, 2008)-EPG (Essex Products Group), a global leader in the manufacture and integration of color control systems, announces that it signed an agreement to purchase GRIPdigital, Inc., and is expanding its KeyColor line to include color measurement products. GRIPdigital, founded in 1998 by Greg Imhoff, specialized in color and production hardware and software solution advancements for the graphic arts industry. Imhoff, President of GRIPdigital, industry veteran, color expert, and a G7 (GRACoL) Expert Consultant, has joined EPG as Director of Color Solutions to drive the company's new color measurement product development and global sales. GRIPdigital products, including new patent-pending color measurement technology, are being folded into the EPG KeyColor product line.

"GRIPdigital and Greg Imhoff are highly respected in the graphics arts industry and a perfect match for EPG," says Peter Griffin, President, EPG. "Greg has made significant contributions to the evolution of measurement technology and has the expertise and vision to lead this important company and industry development. We are confident in his ability to create further advancements and very pleased to have him with EPG."

EPG's new color measurement technology is being developed to sustain and improve manufacturing and meet the needs of printers and brand owners who understand the importance of accurate color in corporate branding and identity and for that reason want technology that will help deliver printed materials that consistently achieve exact spectral-based color specifications. Augmenting its product line with easy-to-use color measurement systems will enable EPG to provide commercial, newspaper, and package printing customers with a complete color control printing system that delivers high-quality support from prepress to the final printed product.

EPG's KeyColor line of integrated color control systems include ink desks, AutoSet presetting software, AutoPage page addressing software, and AutoKey software for closed-loop color-control to help printers save time and money by speeding makereadies and reducing waste. Integrating EPG color measurement technology into a KeyColor system will provide advanced closed-loop color-control and enable printers to achieve even greater profitability through more efficient consistent print runs.

"Complex color measurement is unnecessary," says Imhoff. "GRIP-EPG tools simplify the GRACoL process for press operators by reading spectral values, which are preferred by print buyers, according to G7 specifications. Operators will immediately see the necessary key moves to meet required ink densities. This next generation of precise efficient color measurement, patent pending, promises to be of significant value to printers and their customers. Quickly achieving color matches inline will accelerate print production, satisfy brand owners, and present printers with opportunities to grow business."

Color expert Greg Imhoff has been in the industry for nearly three decades and closely involved in color measurement and correction for more than two decades. He brings a wealth of experience and keen insight to his new position with EPG. Under Imhoff's leadership, GRIPdigital specialized in color and production hardware and software solution advancements for the graphic arts industry. The company also offered to printers expert instruction in precisely matching color to G7 specifications on press or in the proofing environment. Imhoff is a member of the GRACoL Print Properties Committee and has Master Printer certification from IDEAlliance. Imhoff's graphic arts career has also included leadership positions with Gretag MacBeth, Miller (Man Roland) Printing Equipment, and Didde Web Press.

"End users' brands are valuable assets and manufacturers want accurate color every time," says Imhoff. "Efficient precise color measurement enables seamless production and delivers an exceptional printed product. EPG's new technology will make it easier than ever to achieve color that sells."

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