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NBS Chooses GMC Software Technology for New Transaction Workflow Initiative

Press release from the issuing company

July 17, 2007 – Boston, Massachusetts and Appenzell, Switzerland – GMC Software Technology, the  standard in personalized communications, today announced that National Business Systems, Inc. (NBS) has selected the GMC PrintNet software platform to anchor its new document production workflow and to help drive SAS 70, a major security and control initiative. With the implementation of PrintNet, NBS expects to achieve significant operational cost savings and dramatic reductions in time to develop, update and bring client documents to market.
NBS (www.nbsusa.com) is a document management corporation with clients in finance, government, manufacturing, utilities and other industries. NBS focuses primarily on transactional work like statements and correspondence, with some direct mail applications, so document security is very important to its customers. SAS 70 (Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70) defines the professional standards used to assess the internal controls of a service organization, and its implementation signals a high degree of workflow integrity for NBS transaction customers.
“SAS 70 is a recognized standard that assures NBS transaction clients their work is secure and accounted for. Composition software is a critical component of our new process and the driving force for our SAS 70 system, so the choice of PrintNet software was an important decision,” said NBS President Joe Tafs. “PrintNet gives us valuable tools for maintaining content control and verification for our clients, while providing much greater design and messaging flexibility for their documents.”
“NBS selected PrintNet for its easy application development and maintenance; flexibility of input data including XML, line mode data, and transactional formats; and robust workflow for simplified postal processing that will save us time and money,” said Rick Scherping, NBS Director of Software Development.
“We are pleased that NBS chose PrintNet as their application development and workflow platform, especially since we competed with a strong incumbent and other market leaders,” said Dr. René Müller, CEO of GMC Software Technology. ”We are confident that PrintNet will ultimately improve NBS efficiency, technical and production capability, and significantly reduce their overall cost of doing business.”
NBS developers will find the PrintNet GUI easy to use, resulting in more rapid application development, updates and time to market for new products. It is expected that complex statement applications that formerly required 120 to 140 hours of programming will be reduced to as few as 20 hours with PrintNet T. Less complex applications, that used to take about 80 hours to complete, can be composed in as few as 15 minutes. PrintNet will reduce the need to dedicate full time employees to programming, allowing NBS to re-assign them to more critical areas of the business.
Electronic proofing with PrintNet T will provide NBS with exact PDF replicas of what will print for increased efficiency across many departments. Postal process integration will allow NBS to perform timesaving automated ACE/Presort steps. PrintNet gives NBS the ability to accept all types of data, including composed PCL files and ASCII/line mode, eliminating the need for additional data transformation steps.
PrintNet will contribute to the NBS goal of zero defects, mail piece tracking and its SAS 70 initiative through implementation of a new process and production workflow. The PrintNet Version Control System (VCS) will enable NBS to segregate programming and testing from production for added security. It will also provide reporting information needed by customers who have strict regulatory and compliance requirements. For added control, IT will be able to restrict access to data, documents, and processes and view a complete log history of document access and change.