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Quark Launches Dynamic Publishing Solution

Press release from the issuing company

Boston [AIIM/OnDemand Booth #725] -  March 4, 2008 - Quark Inc. announced today that it is leveraging its existing desktop publishing, server and collaborative workflow expertise to launch a new enterprise solution in the emerging dynamic publishing market. Called Quark® Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS), the enterprise-scale publishing solution combines flexible layout with automated publishing to create and deliver accurate, relevant, and attractive communications across multiple types of media, including print, the Web, mobile and electronic devices. Quark's expansion into dynamic publishing addresses the increasing multi-channel challenges faced by publishers and complements its desktop publishing software, QuarkXPress®.

Ray Schiavone, Quark CEO, said, "Over the past year I have visited at length with key customers across Europe, North America and Asia. These customers - some of the largest and most well-known publishers and creative groups in the world - confirmed that their publishing requirements are changing dramatically." Schiavone continued, "We are solving these challenges with Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution by helping our customers improve automation, create reusable content, and more efficiently publish to multiple channels. This is the basis of dynamic publishing, the next revolution in publishing."

Defining Dynamic Publishing
Dynamic publishing automates the creation and delivery of information across multiple channels, from print to Web, email and beyond. It allows users to create reusable components of information that can be combined to create various types of documents for any audience. Dynamic publishing automates the page formatting process allowing for the production of print, Web, and electronic content from a single source of information.

Michael Mendoza, global IT director of Metro International, publisher of the world's largest international newspapers, said, "As a publisher of daily newspapers produced for local markets around the world, we understand first-hand the importance of streamlining our workflow with automated processes. Metro has worked with Quark to implement both desktop and server technology, and based on our insight into Quark DPS we consider it a promising solution. We look forward to working with Quark to leverage dynamic publishing to solve new business challenges we face as a publisher."

Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution
Quark DPS consists of multiple software components, including desktop tools for creating content, and server-based technology for automating publishing workflows. It is based on open standards to allow for easy integration with enterprise content management systems and other business applications.

Quark DPS is a complete solution for any organization that relies on rich, formatted content that needs to be published efficiently and quickly in multiple places while maintaining accuracy, consistency, and brand integrity.

The benefits of Quark DPS include increased operational efficiencies, better customer communication and improved publishing processes for:

--- Professional publishers that produce newspapers, magazines, books, periodicals, etc.
--- Publishers that have both print and online titles
--- Marketing communications departments and their agencies in manufacturing, retail and other industries that produce data sheets, white papers, brochures, product labeling and manuals, and other marketing communications materials

Melissa Webster, program vice president at IDC, comments, "Organizations need publishing solutions that help them engage their customers with personalized content and deliver it via the customer's preferred channel -- print, Web, e-mail, PDF, SMS messaging, and so on. This need is fueling the rapid growth of the dynamic enterprise publishing market." Webster continued, "Dynamic enterprise publishing solutions let organizations automate the assembly of new publications via rules, leveraging the content and information assets that already exist in their content management systems and enterprise applications. The ability to integrate personalized, multi-channel publishing with the organization's broader business processes is key to transforming the customer experience."

What Does Dynamic Publishing Mean for Designers?
Dynamic publishing is built on the foundation of rich design tools, like QuarkXPress, that designers and creative professionals will continue to rely on for years to come. However, the component-centric publishing process allows designers to reduce time spent managing manual and repetitive processes. With Quark DPS, designers are able to maintain creative freedom while automating the process of customized document production.

"QuarkXPress is a valuable and widely-used graphic design and page layout tool in its own right, and will play an integral role in Quark DPS," continued Schiavone. "QuarkXPress is and always will be the foundation of our product portfolio and we will continue to invest in it to meet the needs of individual designers and large organizations alike."

Quark is presenting Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution at AIIM/OnDemand in booth #725. For more information, please visit www.quark.com. Following AIIM/OnDemand, Quark will host a series of exclusive events to show Quark DPS in London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York. The events will be by invitation only. To request an invitation please contact Sarah Rector at [email protected]