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alfa Media Solutions Launches e-edition Solution

Press release from the issuing company

Rolling Meadows, IL, April 17, 2006 - alfa Media Solutions, Inc. launches a solution for media companies who want to reach out to their audience in new and challenging ways on the Internet. alfa e-dition is the electronic newspaper delivery solution of the future. The audience - The alfa e-dition solution improves the perception of quality and service from the media company and protects the brand of the printed media. Advertising in a particular media is only as relevant as the audience of that media. When users read pages in alfa e-dition, they can click on an article, an advertisement or an image, and view a lot more detail. Loyal audiences attract advertisers - that means revenue - that is what newspapers want. Combining media - When two medias support each other we sometimes find that 2 plus 2 is more than 4. By showing the branded high quality advertisements and content from a publication on the Web, we ad value to the publication. We ad more information to the ads and the content by utilizing the Internet via links. We enhance the value for the audience and consequently also for the advertiser. This represents a major competitive advance for the media company. alfa e-dition benefits - Users can browse the Internet representation of pages of the printed publication. They can page, zoom, search and select information. Compared to just rendering advertisements and content in the traditional web HTML form, this actually has a higher value, because it is still the publication's trusted and recognizable brand that is displayed. A simple rendition of the image of an ad is not very valuable, but we can link extra information to that image, information about the advertiser, his products, links to his web site, or to specific products. Instead of a stale image we have an interactive advertisement. The audiences typically do not have the same trust or loyalty towards web sites due to some past experiences. By leveraging the publications trusted brand, more value is driven into the advertisement process. alfa e-dition advanced features - Interactive zoom of pages and elements on pages. Server based rendering of zoomed areas. Selection of individual elements (articles, ads or images) can be displayed. This allows the element to viewed, read, printed or e-mailed. Elements, which carry extra information, can contain external links or references to other elements presented in e-dition. Media companies can open a new revenue stream charging customers for the extra exposure of their advertisements. alfa e-dition technology - alfa e-dition is a Java and Dynamic HTML based web solution, applying the latest technology and web-standards. alfa e-dition receives a PDF representation of the finished pages for the publication in question. We also accept input form various production management systems with extra page geometry, references to components and extra information about elements. Out of this we prepare - on the server - a complete dynamic representation of the pages, ready for interaction on the Internet. The user interface is executed in a standard Web browser at blazing speed. alfa e-dition can be installed in the media company's infrastructure at a hosting center or even rented as a hosted service from alfa. alfa Media Solutions introduced this suite of on-line solutions to the Newspaper marketplace at the NEXPO Exhibition earlier this month. alfa Media Solutions resides with its sister company alfaQuest Technologies, Inc., a long-term supplier to North American newspapers of Workflow and CTP production systems. alfaQuest will provide services regarding IT infra-structure and physical installation to North American Clients.