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New KODAK PREPS 5.2 Imposition Software Generates Barcodes for WST Barcode Readers

Press release from the issuing company

BIRMINGHAM, U.K., April 10 -- New KODAK PREPS 5.2 imposition software enhances prepress efficiency and enables greater postpress reliability by automatically generating 2/5 interleaved barcodes. The non proprietary, industry standard codes can be read by WST’s barcode control systems. Printed as a control mark in the trim area of signatures, the barcodes indicate how pages are to be put together during the binding and construction process. Barcode readers placed on postpress equipment read the information, helping to prevent errors when collating and folding sheets. “The ability to dynamically generate barcodes directly from PREPS 5.2 software ensures data integrity and maximizes quality control,” said Nick Benkovich, PREPS Product Manager, Kodak. “PREPS 5.2 imposition software features a number of other enhancements that significantly reduce job costs and turnaround times within a customer’s preferred workflow.” “Our barcode based control system checks each sheet as it goes through postpress machines to assure that jobs will be assembled 100 percent correctly and efficiently,” says Claus Bokaemper, Technical Director & International Sales Manager, WST. “The ability to dynamically generate these barcodes within PREPS 5.2 imposition software helps prepress and postpress professionals increase customer satisfaction by virtually eliminating bindery mistakes.” Led by significantly expanded handling of JDF files, PREPS 5.2 imposition software helps prepress professionals remove even more manual steps from their preferred workflow by providing digital imposition. PREPS 5.2 imposition software enhances production efficiency by integrating more thoroughly with various workflows and accepting more than 200 types of file inputs. PREPS software can be used with a variety of workflows, including KODAK BRISQUE, KODAK PRINERGY, and KODAK PRINERGY Evo systems. It supports both MACINTOSH OS X and the latest WINDOWS operating systems, and is compatible with ADOBE ACROBAT 7 and QUARKXPRESS 6.5 programs.