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New PRINERGY 3 Workflow Management System from Kodak Delivers Powerful Versioning and Automation at Print 05

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., September 9 — Kodak's Graphic Communications Group (CGC) is demonstrating new developments in PRINERGY 3 prepress workflow systems, the most significant release to the family of leading workflow systems from Kodak, at the Print 05 exhibition, booth #6707. All configurations of PRINERGY workflow management system Version 3 deliver a range of powerful new features that help users achieve greater speed, quality and control in prepress, including new JDF-based digital print integration. PRINERGY 3 workflow management system, PRINERGY POWERPACK 3 workflow management system for packaging printers and PRINERGY Publish workflow system for publishers and agencies will revolutionize print workflows with new optional Layered PDF Versioning for quicker, more accurate versioning and intelligent Rules-based Automation. The affordable, new PRINERGY Evo 3 workflow system also delivers greater power and value to users. Automated Versioning with PRINERGY 3 Workflow Management System Printers can better manage increasingly complex versions of print jobs using new Layered PDF Versioning. Addressing the need to manage and automate the proofing, approval and plating of complex versions, Layered PDF Versioning manages different incoming file formats and automates the overall versioning process to create a single, layered (ADOBE 1.5) PDF-versioned file, streamlining the versioning process while reducing job errors and accelerating job processing. “Layered PDF Versioning is awesome—it has had a tremendous impact on our workflow,” said Tom Clifford, electronic prepress manager, Banta Book Group, Menasha, Wis. “We can generate versioned jobs faster with fewer errors. It has really exceeded our expectations in solving our versioning needs.” Layered PDF Versioning represents a new way to implement versioning workflows. Using version plans and database-driven production management in the PRINERGY workflow management system, operators manage jobs in “version context” and generate a single-versioned PDF for viewing, approval, proofing or plating. With Layered PDF Versioning, printers can increase soft and hard proof quality, reduce data management costs with smaller, more efficient files and eliminate the clutter, confusion and manual errors associated with older versioning workflows. Rules-Based Automation Saves Printers Time and Money With new Rules-based Automation, the PRINERGY 3 workflow management system dramatically extends the scope and power of process automation within the workflow. Operators automate tasks using rules that intelligently execute processing at the job level, customer level, or system wide. They can trigger on any PRINERGY workflow management system event, condition and action. Rules can initiate any function that the PRINERGY workflow management system can perform, and can be custom scripted via the integrated VB.NET engine to enable interactions with other company databases and systems. This sophisticated new form of automation enables printers to eliminate manual steps in the print process that were previously difficult to automate in conventional systems, as they depended on certain conditions being met before they were to be carried out, such as archiving and output processing. The PRINERGY workflow's event-driven model for automation is unique in the industry, allowing a printer to build flexible and intelligent rules that can respond to changes and exceptions. PRINERGY 3 workflow system automation enhancements include integration with PREPS imposition software. Users of PREPS 5.1 software can now launch the application from within PRINERGY Workshop to streamline imposition workflows. An Automated Imposition option allows automated job and imposition creation via JDF from an integrated MIS or job-planning application, such as SYNAPSE UPFRONT software. Two new flexible imposition licensing options introduce cost-effective ways to implement server-based license management without the need for dongles. Affordable New PRINERGY Evo 3 PDF Processor Enhancements to the PRINERGY workflow family includes new PRINERGY Evo 3, Kodak's most affordable PDF workflow system for commercial, packaging and newspaper printers. This release introduces unique advances in automation, flexible integration, and process control options. PRINERGY Evo 3 Workflow Template Automation is a powerful new tool that allows operators to link process and control steps together to define a workflow. Multiple workflows can be active at one time, providing a flexible, open framework to automate and track job status, and increase throughput with less manual effort. Dynamic Process Settings allow operators to customize processing parameters on the fly for greater control and flexibility. Powerful New Options for PRINERGY 3 Unified Workflows All PRINERGY 3 workflow system configurations (the PRINERGY 3 workflow management system, PRINERGY POWERPACK, PRINERGY Evo and PRINERGY Publish workflow management system) can also be used for digital printing with a new JDF option for digital print integration. This new option unifies traditional and digital workflows in a single production environment. The digital print integration feature of the PRINERGY workflow management system defines and sends parameters for digital print settings using JDF to automate job submission for digital print production. The common workflow allows printers to benefit from centralized job management of both offset/flexo and digital print workflows. The blended production solution delivers greater flexibility to take advantage of digital print output to optimize efficiency, increase productivity, and ensure optimal ROI on every print job. Two additional options, PDF Compare and PDF Merge software, are ADOBE ACROBAT plug-ins that provide an automated, reliable and cost-effective way to manage correction cycles in a prepress workflow. Using PDF Compare and PDF Merge, prepress operators can incorporate last-minute changes when preparing files for production in much less time. Production Management Features for BRISQUE Workflow Systems The new PRINERGY 3 product family also includes Director 3 software, which provides PRINERGY workflow management system features for a BRISQUE workflow management prepress environment. Director 3 software provides database-driven Job Context, production management, and open integration to a variety of software modules and systems available from Kodak and other suppliers via the NETWORKED GRAPHIC PRODUCTION initiative. It provides BRISQUE 5 workflow systems with enhanced automation and improved process control. See the new features of the different system configurations — PRINERGY, PRINERGY POWERPACK, PRINERGY Evo and Director — demonstrated live at Kodak booth #6707 at the Print 05 exhibition, September 9-15 at Chicago's McCormick Place.