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Kodak Launches the MAGNUS 400 Computer-to-Plate Device Family with Exceptional Imaging Speeds at Print 05

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., September 9 — Kodak's Graphic Communications Group (CGC) introduced the new MAGNUS 400 computer-to-plate (CTP) imaging device, the next generation of 4-page computer-to-plate (CTP) devices, at Print 05, the largest trade show for the graphic arts industry in North America, Kodak booth #6707. The MAGNUS 400 CTP device and MAGNUS 400 Quantum CTP device are ideal 4-page CTP devices for smaller commercial printers, and part of a complete prepress solution, including KODAK workflow and plates. The MAGNUS 400 CTP imaging device, with a large drum size, allows printers to image an extensive range of plate sizes at exceptional imaging speeds of up to 21 plates-per-hour. The MAGNUS 400 CTP device processes jobs quickly with short lead times. It offers up to 250 lpi and STACCATO screening for exceptional imaging. The MAGNUS 400 CTP device is modular, and offers advanced automation with various loading, imaging, and speed options. The MAGNUS 400 Quantum CTP device includes the SQUARESPOT thermal imaging technology that delivers 450 lpi, and finer STACCATO screening for outstanding photo-realistic printing. When fully-automated, the MAGNUS 400 Quantum CTP device delivers high quality imaging and impressive throughput at up to 28 plates per hour. As soon as WordTech Corporation, a progressive printer and graphic arts supplier in Stoneham, Mass. installed the MAGNUS 400 CTP device, “We noticed we were imaging plates approximately twice as fast as previously,” said Paul Indelicato, vice president, operations, WordTech. “Every plate off the machine, from the first one in the morning to the last one in the evening, has imaged correctly. The load and unload system performs extremely well, resulting in close to zero misfeeds both in and out of the machine.” “Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the MAGNUS 400 CTP device is its day-in, day-out consistency,” continued Indelicato. “Once we determined the correct exposure levels for the plates we are using, we have not had to make adjustments in eight months. Every day, throughout the day our plates are scanned to check for consistency of dot size. And every day throughout the day they remain consistent. Our ability to match our color proofing is that much easier because the plate has been eliminated as a variable. Reprints are also that much smoother knowing that we can expect the same performance from the MAGNUS 400 CTP device from month to month.” The MAGNUS 400 CTP device is part of the KODAK All-in-One CTP Package, a complete 4-page CTP prepress solution, including the PRINERGY Evo PDF processor, PRINERGY or BRISQUE workflow, and plates. As the MAGNUS 400 CTP device also supports chemistry-free and processless plates, the KODAK All-in-One Processless Package features the MAGNUS 400 CTP devices, PRINERGY Evo PDF processor, and the KODAK THERMAL DIRECT non process plate, now available in the United States and Canada. See the MAGNUS 400 CTP device at Print 05 booth # 6707. For more information on the MAGNUS 400 CTP device family, visit www.graphics.kodak.com/Magnus400.