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Emtex Integrates KODAK COLORFLOW Color Processor with Its VIP Output Management Software

Press release from the issuing company

DAYTON, Ohio, May 17, 2005 – Eastman Kodak Company and Emtex today announced they have completed a joint development effort to integrate the KODAK COLORFLOW Color Processor into the Emtex VIP Output Management software product. As part of the joint development process, Emtex worked closely with the technical group at Kodak Versamark and Kodak research to integrate the KODAK COLORFLOW Color Processor into the Emtex IJPDS driver that converts the input legacy print streams to the IJPDS format that is native to the Kodak Versamark CS400 controller. This integration provides more accurate color rendition based on the industry standard profiles defined by the International Color Consortium. The newly integrated solution will be available to Kodak Versamark’s customer base through its reseller agreement with Emtex, as well as to Emtex’s customer base. “Emtex and Kodak Versamark cooperated in many successful installations over the years,” said Ron Gilboa, Vice President of Marketing at Kodak Versamark. “The enhanced color capabilities achieved through this joint development process will further our ability to simplify high volume variable color applications such as those produced by our customers.” The KODAK COLORFLOW Color Processor is a software component that developers use to enhance the color fidelity of their output devices. When incorporated into the workflow process, the KODAK COLORFLOW Color Processor automatically adjusts the printed output to match the color characteristics of the printing system, thereby ensuring the final output represents the best possible image quality available. The KODAK COLORFLOW Color Processor accomplishes this by using the printing system’s ICC profile. “Integrating KODAK COLORFLOW Color Processor with the Emtex VIP Output Management solution provides Emtex and Kodak Versamark with state-of-the-art color management bringing out the best of both products to provide customers with effective, high quality publishing-standard documents at a very high speed," said John Thorpe, Vice President of Products, Emtex. Emtex VIP software has proven effective for producers of mission-critical, high-volume documents in banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities and service bureaus. Combined with Kodak Versamark’s proven continuous inkjet technology, customers printing high volume applications have an ideal solution for a wide variety of corporate environments.