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Creo Showcases Scanning Innovation at PMA

Press release from the issuing company

PMA 2005 Orlando (February 20, 2005) – Creo Inc. is demonstrating how professional photo labs can convert any size original into superior-quality, high-resolution, poster-sized scans with its award-winning scanners and professional workflow software. Creo is showing professional-quality scanning solutions that produced the images that form the large, high resolution (8 x 15 ft.) posters in booth #4666 at the PMA 2005 show in Orlando, Florida, from February 20-23, 2005. “Creo professional color scanners are especially suited to the professional photo lab where customers require unusually large images that maintain the same color fidelity and sharpness of the details of the original,” noted Ziv Argov, director of marketing, Creo. “Photo labs often need to significantly scale-up images without degrading the quality. Our users tell us that Creo scanners are unique in that they are capable of achieving quality scans from any sized original. By using XY Stitch scanning technology they produce superior full-bed quality, whether the original is a 35-mm negative or 8x10 chrome. The proof is clear: our users achieve top-quality, large-format photographic output day-in and day-out.” High-Quality In-House Scanning with Flexibility Creo is demonstrating two professional color scanners that use the most advanced technologies on the market. The iQsmart3 scanner has a resolution of up to 10,000 dpi (optical 5,500 dpi) regardless of original photo size, and produces ultra-sharp scans. The XY Stitch scanning technology assures consistent quality through sharper imaging for any type of original, anywhere on the scanning bed. The inverted CCD improves scan quality by preventing fine dust particles from settling on its surface. The EverSmart Supreme II scanner is designed for today’s scanning-intensive graphic businesses where maximum speed and supreme image quality are essential. It is especially suited to the professional photo lab where customers require unusually large images that maintain the same color fidelity and sharpness of the details as in the original. In addition to XY Stitch, the EverSmart Supreme II scanner incorporates innovative scanning technologies, such as CCD Dynamic Cooling to enable the scanner to better differentiate a wide range of color tones, and MaxDR (Maximum Dynamic Range), which optimizes the image quality by distilling high-quality image data from additional scanned data. Combined with the oXYgen Scan software, users achieve a full 16-bit workflow — capturing, saving and opening images at maximum quality. Productivity and Sharp Imaging The quality and flexibility of the EverSmart Supreme II scanner was put to work recently on a 50-year old 8 mm film that was shot 50 years ago in the streets of New York. The subjects of the film were starlet Marilyn Monroe and photographer Milton Greene. Milton’s son, Joshua Greene made a 16mm interneg from the film to lighten the original, and was able to scan and transform the frames, 20 at a time, on the EverSmart Supreme II scanner. “We ended up with 100-125 fantastic stills from this three minutes of historic film,” he said. Mr. Greene, who owns the 300,000 images that form the Milton Greene Archives, rescued many of the images that were rapidly fading. “There’s photography out there that needs to be saved and unfortunately, we’ll never save it all before time makes it disappear,” he stated. Utilizing the Creo EverSmart Supreme II scanner, Joshua has pursued archiving and digital restoration projects with his father’s collections, as well as with NASCAR, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and several artists. “The scans that we can produce from the Creo product are incredible,” he adds. Professional Scanning Made Easy Creo is demonstrating the latest version of the oXYgen Scan software for all Creo scanners at the PMA trade show. The oXYgen Scan software accelerates scanning production, improves image capture with intelligent, automated features, and includes a full set of professional image-editing tools. Smart sharpness tables automatically apply sharpening to the image while considering the scaling and original image type. The SOOM (Scan Once, Output Many) workflow captures raw 16-bit color digital transparency files, and stores them at full resolution for quick repurposing without rescanning. Storing 16-bit data files is the optimal digital archiving solution for photo service providers. Users can scan for all types of workflows (CMYK, RGB, and 16-bit SOOM), online applications, and output devices. Intuitive, easy-to-understand presets give users professional results quickly. The user determines the intended use of the scan and the software sets the parameters accordingly. The latest version, 2.4.1, of the oXYgen Scan software, features improved productivity, enhanced negative scanning quality, and provides full Macintosh OS X support. The software is available for both Macintosh and Windows operating systems for the iQsmart family of scanners. See Creo color scanning solutions at booth #4666 and at the HP booth, #4109, at the PMA trade show from February 20-23, 2005.