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ColorManagement.com expands reach internationally

Press release from the issuing company

San Jose, CA (February 15, 2005) – ColorManagement.com, the web portal for news, information, support, and sales of color management technologies for consumers and graphic professionals, announces it has expanded its consultant directory outside of the US. Canada-based Digital Solutions, managed by Angus Pady, and Neil Barstow of colourmanagement.net in the UK, join the site’s web-based consultant directory. ColorManagement.com is a web portal providing resources such as events, training opportunities, and over 400 color management items available for sale. Unlike other eCommerce stores, ColorManagement.com products can be installed by local ‘certified’ professionals available from the site’s exclusive ColorManagement.com consultant directory. ColorManagement.com consultants have a proven success record and can resolve the most sophisticated workflows and color management problems. The site currently receives an average of 12,000 hits per month. ColorManagement.com is managed by Lida Jalali Marschke, who has over twenty years’ experience in the graphic arts industry. Jalali Marschke also operates a number of other color management related organizations, including Color Management Distribution and The Color Management Group. Digital Solutions, founded by Angus Pady in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, offers professionals such as graphic artists, designers, digital photographers, sign shops and printers an affordable way to guarantee accurate color on digital cameras, scanners, monitors and printers, throughout the digital process. Digital Solutions can provide advanced training and workflow implementation, or provide just the necessities to improve color reproduction. Complete color management services include on-site evaluation and workflow analysis; on-site printer/ monitor profiling and calibration; a digital proof certification program, and on-site training. The company can be reached at www.colourmanagement.ca. “Our exposure with colormanagement.com is a great opportunity for us and our clients. I personally enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other talented color management consultants – as a group we are a stronger force,” remarks Mr. Pady. “There’s a great rapport between the color consultants, due to the fact that we’re not competing with each other in the same geographic regions.” Based south of London, Neil Barstow’s company, colourmanagment.net, helps clients come to terms with imaging technology and, thus, capitalize on the real advantages of digital workflow. Neil became interested in color management when, as one of the UK’s leading advertising photographers, he was often frustrated when printed colors looked very little like what he had spent hours shooting. Such was his obsession that Neil gave up photography in 1999 and set himself up as a full-time color management specialist. His clients consist of image libraries, universities, art schools, illustrators, designers and photographers – including digital camera profiling for auction house Christie’s. Alongside seminars, colourmanagement.net provides complete workflow overhauls, or pieces such as reviewing workflow practices, calibration and profiling of devices such as printers, proofers, scanners, cameras and display systems. The company can be reached at www.colourmanagement.net. “It’s an honor to be involved with such a prestigious roster of color management consultants. Our regular discussions and training sessions allow us to get together online or in person to share ideas and methodologies – and that’s a real benefit, says Neil. “And, as relationships develop on both sides of the Atlantic, I hope to be able to share business opportunities with these talented consultants, as well.” “We’re excited about expanding beyond the States with such prominent consultants,” comments colormanagement.com founder Lida Jalali Marschke. “ColorManagement.com is a terrific resource site for anyone who considers it essential to achieve accurate, consistent color reproduction to receive valuable information, and to connect with knowledgeable consultants. While we are already a well-used site in the US, we hope to be able to become a welcome source of information for international visitors as well.”