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RR Donnelley Enhances Customer Soft-proofing Workflows With ShareStream 3.1

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, Feb. 14 -- R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company today announced ShareStream 3.1, a significant upgrade to its soft-proofing tool designed to drive efficiency and flexibility into the routing and approval of color documents within customer organizations. Available beginning in March as an integrated component of the MediaCompass(SM) suite of online tools from RR Donnelley Premedia Technologies, the new release of ShareStream offers sophisticated and flexible document collaboration, routing and approval workflows in a SWOP-certified color managed environment. "With the release of ShareStream 3.1, we support an even greater variety of collaboration, routing and approval workflows," said Grant Miller, Senior Vice President of Product Planning and Development for RR Donnelley's Premedia Technologies. "We recognize that no two customer collaboration workflows are the same, so we have equipped them with the tools to build, edit and maintain their workflows in unique and powerful ways." Among the new capabilities of ShareStream 3.1 is an online workflow builder. Users can build departments, set up users, define viewing rights and assemble sophisticated routing and approval workflows based on their own changing needs. This online tool allows customers to simultaneously support multiple workflows for different projects and easily monitor approval status across the enterprise right from their desktop. An "ad-hoc" workflow option permits the flexibility of e-mail-style spontaneous routing while retaining the secure, color managed and trackable "single document" workflow enabled by ShareStream. A new upload tool permits users to submit their own content for review and automatically insert it into the proper routing workflow for easier collaboration across geographical boundaries. A dynamic new "document compare" tool enables users to easily see the sometimes subtle changes from one version of a file to the next, and batch-approval tools make it easier to handle groups of related assets all at once. "This release of ShareStream demonstrates that soft-proofing has grown up," said Mary Lee Schneider, President of RR Donnelley Premedia Technologies. "We demonstrated that accurate color could be viewed online with our landmark SWOP certification in 2003. Now we're showing that even the most sophisticated enterprise routing and approval workflows can be improved by ShareStream. This is just one of many ways we are uniquely equipped to extend our technology into our customer's businesses to help them become more successful and efficient."