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Metafile Document Distribution Module Automatically Delivers Needed Information

Press release from the issuing company

(Rochester, Minnesota; July 19, 2004) -- Metafile has announced the release of a Document Distribution module for its MetaViewer Enterprise software package which automatically delivers defined information from reports at specified times to those that need them via email, fax or printer. Many organizations currently spend tens or even hundreds of thousand of dollars per year printing paper reports, bursting and collating them, and delivering the information to users. The Document Distribution module can eliminate most of that cost by filtering reports to obtain just what is needed by each specific individual and then automatically distributing the information by whatever method works best for that user. In most cases, the entire cost of the module is recovered within months or even weeks by reducing paper costs, printer supplies, and handling and shipping costs. “The Document Distribution module saves us two hours per month distributing just a couple of payroll reports,” said Tom Gumber, System Analyst for Clay Electric Co-op, an electrical distribution coop in Keystone Heights, Florida. “Our experience with the new software has been very positive so we are in the process of using it for other reports.” The Document Distribution module adds important functionality to MetaViewer Enterprise which indexes reports generated on a host computer, scanned documents, and files generated on a personal computer. These documents can be retrieved by users in seconds from either a Windows client or an Internet browser using MetaViewer's full text search capabilities. The Document Distribution module analyzes each page of specific reports indexed on MetaViewer Enterprise using the full-text search engine and builds documents that meet assigned criteria. For example, the Document Distribution module could automatically send each sales person just the section of the report that applied to their own sales while sending the sales manager the entire report. The new module can handle a wide range of document and print stream formats, including Windows print, FPFC, CRLF, FBA, FBM, Power, PowerX, AFP, DJDE, PDF, PCL, ADF, TIF, JPEG, HTML, GIF, etc. Users of the documents can be defined in advance, including their preferred delivery method. The product has the ability to integrate with an ODBC host to obtain email addresses, fax numbers, etc. for delivery of documents. It can take information found in the document itself and search for corresponding values in the host system. Logic can also be applied to choose the best delivery method. The ability to deliver completed documents either by printer, email or fax makes it possible to use the new module initially to get printing costs under control and gradually move to email distribution after gaining user acceptance. The documents are automatically delivered based on mapping profiles that define what documents are to be sent to each user at what time. Users save time in finding information because the reports can be tailored to only contain what they need and are searchable on their computer. Documents can be created for distribution in PDF or paginated text format. For more information, contact Metafile Information Systems, Inc., 2900 43rd St. NW, Rochester, MN 55901. Call 1-800-638-2445 or e-mail [email protected] Visit Metafile on the web at http://www.metafile.com or http://mv.metafile.com.