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KPG Announces New Black Donor For The Kodak Approval Proofing Systems

Press release from the issuing company

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA —The Kodak Approval digital halftone color proofing system keeps getting better. Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) today announced the full commercialization of a new black donor for the Kodak Approval XP and NX systems. Kodak Approval Black Donor Media DKO3 delivers superior emulation of today’s process black inks and improved color fidelity in color overprints containing black. “KPG is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements for ever improving color fidelity and close matching of press inks when creating high-quality color proofs,” said Jerry Willer, Worldwide Product Manager, Proofing, KPG. “The new Approval Black Donor provides the best color fidelity when black is a significant contributor to the total image.” The new Approval Black Donor has color and absorption characteristics that closely match the typical black inks used in today’s ink sets. It can replicate process black inks in hue and color overprint rendition, providing significant advantages when proofing images with high levels of under-color removal or gray component replacement. The new black media creates a consistent relationship to the printed sheet, even under non-standard lighting conditions. As the first digital halftone color proofing system, the Kodak Approval system continues to set the standard for digital color proofing, and KPG constantly upgrades and improves the system based on customer needs. Recipe Color software received the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation’s InterTech Award in 2000, and the Approval XP/XP4 system, equipped with Recipe Color software, is PANTONE CALIBRATED and certified as Hexachrome capable by Pantone, Inc. The system is also certified by Opaltone Graphic Solutions for the Opaltone Seven Color Process, a reproduction system that creates high-density colors with the use of only seven process inks – CMYK+R’G’B’ (‘ denotes optional colors).