Kodak Adds Eight New Products to Wide-Format Media Line

Press release from the issuing company

SAN DIEGO, June 20 -- Encad, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, announces a major expansion of its media portfolio, with the introduction of eight new Kodak Wide-Format Inkjet indoor/outdoor media products. The products include Water-Resistant Self- Adhesive Economy Vinyl, polypropylene-based Poly Poster media, available in Satin and Gloss finishes, Water-Resistant Poly Poster Matte, available with and without adhesive backing, Water-Resistant Reinforced Flex Banner and indoor and outdoor Backlit films. With the addition of these new products, customers can now get Kodak quality for a wide variety of applications including durable and tear-resistant point-of-purchase signage, short and long-term outdoor displays; vehicle panels; floor graphics; and day/night backlit graphics. Kodak's new products will start shipping in late June 2003. Doug Fulle, Graphic Specialist at the television shopping network, HSN, had this to say about the new Kodak media. "We recently tried the new Kodak 8 mil Water-Resistant Poly Poster Media to print art work for our studio sets and have found it produces vivid, durable prints. Because we reuse these set items we needed a media that is sturdy and produces consistent quality over time. The Kodak Media comes with a Performance Guarantee so we know we can count on it for our most demanding print jobs." The Performance Guarantee for Kodak Wide-Format Media, a guarantee that promises image permanence and durability covers all of the new, competitively priced Kodak-branded products. The new Kodak Wide-Format Inkjet Media offers customers more choices for both indoor and outdoor applications. "We wanted to give our customers the best selection of media for the wide variety of applications being printed today. There has been tremendous growth in the outdoor printing market and with the addition of our new outdoor products, Kodak has one of the broadest portfolios of outdoor media available," says Gerry Forman, Vice President, Media at Encad. Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Economy Vinyl/ 9 mil With Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Economy Vinyl, Kodak introduces a product that leads the industry in guaranteed image durability for both indoor and outdoor displays. This new vinyl product is guaranteed for durability up to two years indoors with Encad dye based inks and 18 months outdoors when laminated with HP UV inks. The vinyl is easy to use, has excellent handling and is removable for each signage changeover. Because the image density and saturation are very good, displays make a strong impact. Water Resistant Self-Adhesive Economy Vinyl is a great choice for vehicle panels and directional signage. Kodak Poly Poster/7 mil _- Glossy and Satin Kodak Poly Poster/7 mil is an indoor polypropylene-based product that produces scratch and tear-resistant prints for durable short-term indoor displays or trade show and pop-up retail displays that will be used again and again. Kodak Poly Poster provides excellent image quality; providing for a wide color gamut and deep saturated colors. This economical product is also extremely versatile. It may be also used for backlit prints that capture the eye in both day and night environments and is easily grometed for use as a banner. This product has excellent light stability and is compatible with HP and Encad dyes as well as other popular wide format thermal inkjet dyes. Kodak Reverse Print Backlit VS/5 mil The VS means "Vivid Saturation" for this high-gloss backlit product. This newest Kodak Backlit product provides prints that hold deep colors for dynamic and impactful backlit displays. And, while the product accepts heavy ink loads, it is also provides productive dry times. Finally, Reverse Print Backlit VS/5 mil features easy handling, and a scratch-resistant base which protects the image from damage and UV fading. Water-Resistant Poly Poster Matte/9mil - Self Adhesive and Non-Self-Adhesive Kodak introduces a product that provides durability and water-resistance as well as deeply colorful saturated prints. Water-Resistant Poly Poster Matte, available with and without an adhesive, is constructed with a tear- resistance polypropylene base. Not only is the product durable, it provides industry-leading light fastness for pigment inks without lamination. With leading pigment inks, Water-Resistant Poly Poster Matte is performance guaranteed for 6 months without lamination when posted outdoor. Laminated prints made with this product will last up to 18 months with HP UV inks; 12 months with Encad GO+ pigment ink; and 9 months with the Epson Archival ink set. The adhesive-backed Poly Poster is an excellent choice for long-term graphics including floor graphics with an acceptable laminate, outdoor street banners or shop front displays. The non-adhesive Poly Poster is an excellent choice for medium term day/night displays and outdoor banners. Water-Resistant Backlit Film/8 mil This direct-print outdoor backlit product is universally compatible with pigment inks across thermal and piezo inkjet printers. A leader in terms of image quality and color saturation, Kodak Water-Resistant Backlit Film provides displays with impact for applications such as bus shelters, "Metro" lightboxes, external cinema posters and other backlit displays. Water- Resistant Backlit Film provides backlit graphics with impact when the light box is on as well as off. Water-Resistant Reinforced Flex Banner/15 mil This scrim layered semi-opaque vinyl product offers incredible durability and tear-resistance. It features a water-resistant matte coating that offers longevity in many different weather conditions. It provides excellent results with dye and pigment, thermal and piezo for true universality. Plus, it's easy to grommet, sew or drape. Guaranteed for Performance The industry-leading Performance Guarantee for Kodak Wide-Format Inkjet Media covers Kodak's new indoor and outdoor products. Unlike other prints, indoor and outdoor Kodak Wide-Format Inkjet prints made on compatible ink and printer systems are guaranteed against noticeable fading, cracking, yellowing, and bleeding when the print is viewed from its intended viewing distance. No other wide format media manufacturer offers such a promise for image permanence and durability. If these or any other Kodak Wide-Format media product fails to stand up to the guarantee, the media will be replaced.