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New Imagesmart Software Gives Digimaster Product Family More Power And Versatility

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, April 7, 2003 - Owners of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG's (Heidelberg) family of Digimaster print systems will benefit from greater digital prepress productivity with a simple, fast and intuitive workflow, employing new software developed by the company. ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.2 software, being shown for the first time in the U.S. at the On Demand trade show, employs the industry-standard PDF-based workflow for complex production jobs, making it ideal for frequent reprinting, repurposing and editing. The software enables greater collaboration between the printer and customer by allowing easy sharing of PDF documents - regardless of the application they were originally created in. An array of new job set-up and workflow capabilities are enabled by the ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.2 software's key components, including the enhanced Heidelberg SmartBoard 1.2, a new tab creation tool and an enhanced image editing tool. The scanning of images directly into a frame and manipulating and editing images from the editor window. The easy creation of cut tabs in a PDF file and the ability to place them in an existing PDF file, as well as the creation of bleed tab sections in a PDF file. The "work and turn" feature to create two documents, two up, with one click of a button - saving significant run time. Improved flexibility and productivity by printing to multiple print devices. "ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.2 software from Heidelberg is a complete workflow package that takes digital prepress operations for complex jobs to the next level of productivity - enabling customers to assemble and store black-and-white and color images in one document," said Wolfgang Pfizenmaier, president of Heidelberg's Digital Print Solution Center. "With the new features available in this version, Heidelberg is offering a powerful, high-value, flexible PDF-based 'make-ready' solution designed to take full advantage of the explosion of PDF usage across all print market segments in 2003." "Adobe PDF has become an essential part of the professional print workflow, stripping away the complexity of outputting in a myriad of application-specific file formats," said Don Walker, general manager, Print Workflow Products Group at Adobe Systems. "Strong collaboration between Adobe and Heidelberg has meant that our mutual customers will benefit from the application-independent promise of Adobe PDF workflows across Heidelberg's Digimaster product line, a workhorse for print houses around the world." The software is optimized for use in the Digimaster product family - including the Digimaster 9110 print system, Digimaster 9110m system and Digimaster 9150i system. New capabilities for greater productivity The new ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.2 incorporates the popular functionality of the current software and offers additional capabilities to enable greater productivity for customers. SmartBoard 1.2 software plug-in. The software's enhanced SmartBoard plug-in enables a number of new functions. Users can create a job ticket, apply a job ticket to a PDF, and create, store and retrieve a PDF with a job ticket for easy reprints. The "work and turn" function lets users create two documents in one print operation, with each new page containing two copies of the original page - ensuring that when the stack is cut, the cutting edge will always be the true edge for accurate finishing. SmartBoard 1.2's grid tool makes it easy for users to align images front to back, and they can also print the grid to help make adjustments for front-to-back registration. Printers also can get detailed information about print system's status - such as printer availability, configuration and paper types loaded - via SNMP. The certified PDF support provides an edit log that maintains a history and summary of all edits when an Enfocus product is present. Plus, the SmartBoard user interface allows the SmartBoard paper catalog to be synchronized with the Digimaster print system's paper catalog. Tab creation. ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.2 employs a powerful tab-creation tool to create and insert tabs before and after pages in a PDF file. Bleed tab sections can also be created easily in a PDF file to identify page ranges or sections that need to be highlighted, and can be previewed before insertion. In addition, SmartBoard provides an additional productivity enhancement by automatically sending unused tabs to the top exit. Image editing. The software's updated image-editing tool lets customers drag a frame on the PDF page and click inside the window to add an image via a scanner or a file. Users can also edit black-and-white and grayscale images, including selecting, cutting, copying and pasting within a document or between documents; rotating and cropping an image; drawing a freehand or straight line; erasing and filling a portion of an image; and deskewing or despeckling an image. Customers can also import digital photos directly into documents. Configurations and Availability Print businesses can choose from three configurations: · ImageSmart Document Mastering 2.2 Software Suite, which includes the SmartBoard 1.2, Adobe Acrobat 5.0, StampPDF 2.7 and Quite Imposing 1.5c. · SmartBoard 1.2, for customers already using Adobe Acrobat 5.0. · SmartBoard SE 1.2 - this standard edition includes some of the SmartBoard 1.2 features, including job ticketing, page feature support and tab creation. The configurations will be made available to U.S. customers in May 2003. Existing ImageSmart Document Mastering 1.2/SmartBoard 1.1 customers are eligible for a free upgrade.