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Oce Demonstrates Offering of Production-Class Solutions at On Demand

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY – April 2, 2003 – Océ, the leading provider of production-class printing and copying solutions, today announces it is showcasing a broad representation of its production-class solutions for the printing marketplace in Booth 2501 at the On Demand Exposition in New York. With rock-solid reliability, application versatility, and cost-effective performance, Océ has created a “Blueprint for Success with ... Solutions Built for the Future.” At the On Demand Exhibition, Océ shows production-class systems and industry-recognized technology that help document experts, from the commercial plant and copy facility to the corporate data center and office workplace achieve their business objectives with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. The newest production class solutions from Océ include the next-generation family of robust, ready-to-run and convergence-ready Océ VarioStream continuous forms printers, versatile Océ VarioPrint cut sheet printing systems, and Océ PRISMA workflow software solutions. Offering improved end-to-end software and workflow management, Océ’s PRISMA is an architected family of workflow management software solutions that automate multi-vendor workflows and help print operations streamline document management to improve cost-effectiveness, and shorten time to revenue. Océ Showcases New Enhanced Paper Width--Ideal for Book Manufacturing For a shorter time to profit, convergence-ready versatility, built-in scalability, and maximum reliability, Océ will showcase the Océ VarioStream 7650cx the flagship model in the Océ VarioStream family. The Océ VarioStream 7650cx digital printing system highlights the new 19” paper width feature, demonstrating three-up 6”x9” duplex trade book manufacturing applications. An application from Offset Paperback Manufacturers, a producer of 1.5 million paperbacks a day, demonstrates the new capability for 6 1/8”x 9 1/4” output. A Quebecor World application is featured as one of two 6” x 9” book manufacturing examples taking full advantage of the new paper width capability. The books will be produced using Océ’s PRISMAproduction POD family of products, and robust binding from Horizon. This solution will demonstrate how production cycles can be reduced up to 50 percent when compared to conventional offset book manufacturing workflows for short run production. Transactional statements will be produced on the same Océ VarioStream 7650cx at 1273 pages per minute to illustrate the convergence-ready capabilities of this versatile machine. New Printer Gives Users Greater Flexibility and Future-Proof Versatility The newly available Océ VarioPrint 5160 has the power to handle virtually any cut-sheet publishing or transactional print application—in monochrome, highlight color, and MICR. The new printer offers top speeds, high-capacity throughput, a low total cost of ownership and complete versatility. At On Demand, the 155 PPM Océ VarioPrint 5160 performs a combination of applications, including a personalized cookbook that demonstrates time-saving ease in doing covers, tabs and a total of five different stocks within one workflow. The cookbook was composed using DocuCorp Docuflex document composition software. Océ PRISMAproduction POD, DocSetter and TrueProof software, along with offline GBC spiral bound finishing, are part of this solution, giving customers greater flexibility and more options for output management. A unique 11”x17” booklet application is also being produced on the Océ VarioPrint 5160. A healthcare provider directory with halftones and highlight color, folds to an 8.5”x11” signature and is finished on a Duplo booklet binder. This application was generated using Group 1 DOC1 software and archived in DOC1 Archive software. Océ PRISMA production POD software performs critical functions in the workflow, enabling significant cost reductions from inventory reduction, postage savings and throughput acceleration when compared to traditional offset and other digital production workflow models. Enhancing Output Quality and Workflow Productivity In Booth 2501 at On Demand, the flexibility of the new 101 PPM Océ VarioPrint 2105 printer is featured in a number of duplex applications, with Office Exec, Doc Works Exec and Océ Com Works software helping create workflow efficiency. An invoice application features variable data merged with predesigned forms, including the addition of marketing messages and highlighting the amount due and payment due dates. These subtle design changes have been proven to speed payments and reduce customer support questions. Another application features legal billing, recreating a typical office environment where users have multiple printer options. Océ Office Exec is used to route the print job to the most appropriate output device to meet needs such as least cost or specific finishing. The benefits include cost minimization of print by sending the right job to the right printer and a single print driver that supports every device and reduces IT maintenance hassles. Versatility for a Wider Range of Applications At On Demand, the 106 images-per-minute, production-class Océ VarioStream 6100 continuous forms printer shows why it is ideally suited for high-quality printing on non-traditional media. The new system will be shown printing plastic adhesive labels, plastic circuitry overlays, and on other specialty paper stocks, with top speed and reliability. Affordable Scanning, Copying and Printing The flexible Océ 3275-II printing system provides multi-functional power to handle grueling duty cycles and heavy print loads in high-production environments. The 75 PPM 600 dpi printer/copier/scanner is generating several applications at On Demand. A 44 page, 11”x17” appliance manual will be shown with two booklet finishing configurations: saddle stitch and corner stitch, and an 11”x17” duplex prospectus features signature booklet making. Customers benefit through reduced inventory levels and the ability to produce the most up-to-date versions of these documents. Océ DPconnect will also be featured printing a job directly from Xerox DigiPath to the Océ 3275-II. Océ DPconnect provides a direct print path from DigiPath workflows and proprietary Xerox DocuTech job ticketing to Océ PRISMA document management and delivery architecture. This connection opens the door to broad vendor-independent functionality. Through DPconnect, a PRISMA module, Océ offers a bridge to move DigiPath applications without modification to any Océ device, including clustered systems, for greater productivity and flexibility. At On Demand, a black and white electronics textbook shows how well the Océ ScanStation 650 can scan, crop, deskew, and position using Océ DocSetter software. Océ DocSetter provides an advanced tool for scanning, editing and cleansing hardcopy documents destined for digital workflow. Commercial printers, service bureaus and in-plant print shops gain superior capabilities for preparing complex documents. Output from the versatile Océ ScanStation 650 is being used to support the Océ VarioStream 7650cx and Océ VarioPrint 2105, 5160, CPS 700 and 3275 printers. For example, a black and white scan off the Océ ScanStation 650 is being fed to the Océ VarioPrint 2105. Océ DocSetter software will manage color files as it is used to generate the covers for a New York Top Ten book on the Océ VarioStream 7650cx. The Océ ScanStation 650 will also be featured as an integral part of the Océ Digital Book Manufacturing Solution as it is used to combine multiple PDF chapters, and normalize margins and other settings in several books. Short-Run Color for Business Documents Making it easy to add color to business documents, the Océ CPS 700 color printing system provides brilliant, short-run color quality with long-run affordability. The Océ CPS 700 demonstrates several examples of fast, affordable full color digital printing at On Demand. Visitors can examine a full color 401k statement and personalized newsletter, generated via GMC PrintNet software and printed on the Océ CPS 700 via PPML, PDF or PostScript. Other applications at the show include marketing materials and color book covers. Integrated Output Management for Greater Flexibility and Functionality The newly announced PRISMAsatellite is set of integrated output management tools that give users greater flexibility and advanced functionality right from the desktop. Océ Office Exec brings a universal driver, advanced accounting and intelligent job routing to all office printers and the central print room. Océ Doc Works Exec offers digital job submission, advanced accounting, and output management capabilities for central print rooms. Océ Com Works offers e-forms capabilities, advanced accounting and output management capabilities for mid-range transaction environments. PRISMAsatellite components figure in the workflow of several applications at On Demand. Invisible Marking Enables Information Automation A direct mail application demonstrates how Océ InvisiVision delivers a non-intrusive way to add important information to printed documents without detracting from the document’s intended purpose and design. InvisiVision will be shown applying invisible ink marks to a single sheet direct marketing solicitation letter and reply card, created using Elixir Opus software from an AFP data stream. The InvisiVision solution shows how users can control finishing devices for the outbound document and automate inbound remittance processing of response documents. By removing all evidence of mass production, response rates increase and through imbedded data, the entire customer response process is faster yielding higher sales closures while reducing operation overhead expenses.