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R.R. Donnelley Extends Digital Workflow and Online Approval Tools

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, March 4, 2003, R.R. Donnelley is extending its industry leadership in the digital workflow arena by offering a fully integrated, platform-wide digital workflow and standardized file format to magazine publishers and catalogers who utilize the offset process. The company's solution will provide its offset customers with a unique opportunity to create a complete print production and advertising management workflow based on industry standard technology. Customers will be able to transmit files for print to a central site, then view, proof and approve print-ready files online. R.R. Donnelley is building upon the proven success of its workflow solution, which was first introduced to business-to-business, specialized publishing and special interest consumer publishers in April 2002. Now, all publishers and catalogers who use the offset process will have the opportunity to generate efficiencies within their internal operations, as well as gain assurance in the overall quality and consistency of how their content is prepared for print. Additionally, the company will continue to offer file format flexibility and accept customer content in their current specifications. This move represents R.R. Donnelley's support of the publishing industry's initiative for digital standardization through the Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publications (DDAP) organization's initiatives, as well as numerous publishers' and advertisers' adoption of industry accepted, standardized file specifications. This solution will enable customers to take advantage of a standardized workflow, which utilizes the accredited file format PDF/X-1a. In addition, R.R. Donnelley has taken its workflow solution a step further by integrating an ad management tool for publishers, AdSpring,® for managing and storing print advertisements. "The DDAP association applauds R.R. Donnelley's acceptance and integration of the PDF/X file format, recently designated by DDAP as its preferred file format for data exchange," said Barbara Hanapole, executive director of DDAP. "This internationally accredited file format provides a definitive way to write, read and image content, giving R.R. Donnelley and its customers tremendous quality assurance when preparing files for print." R.R. Donnelley has integrated its digital solution with workflow tools from Creo Inc., which has empowered customers to capitalize on the latest workflow technology while gaining access to online tools designed to shorten and simplify the prepress process. R.R. Donnelley also provides integration of AdSpring into the entire workflow for a complete and seamless advertising management solution. "Insight into our customers' creative and editorial processes, coupled with investment in and integration of the best available collaborative workflow tools in the print production process, will enable our customers to drive even more value from their partnership with R.R. Donnelley," said Mary Lee Schneider, president of R.R. Donnelley Print Solutions' premedia technologies group. Customers that choose the digital workflow solution can realize many benefits, including shortened cycle times; versatility and convenience to access pages over the Internet through a secure interface, which enables them to review, proof and track files prior to print; elimination of physical transport and storage; and a more streamlined and reliable format when preparing files for print. "Through our solution, we have been able to save magazine customers days off of their production schedule, giving them more time to sell ads and update late-breaking stories," said Daniel L. Knotts, president of magazine solutions, R.R. Donnelley Print Solutions. "This solution enables customers to create their own operational efficiencies that translate into business opportunities and improvements." "We know the majority of our catalog customers supply their files in CT/LW - they can incorporate our workflow solution or continue to send their preferred file formats," said Steve Zuccarini, president of catalog/retail solutions, R.R. Donnelley Print Solutions. "If our customers choose the solution, benefits such as more time to incorporate last minute product and pricing changes can be realized. Customers always have the choice, and R.R. Donnelley remains flexible to meet our customers' needs." R.R. Donnelley's digital workflow solution will be located within a center in its Glasgow, Ky., manufacturing plant, which will centrally process print files for offset magazine and catalog customers. Customers who decide to utilize the workflow solution will first be assessed about their readiness to integrate the full benefits of the solution's technologies with their current workflow. In addition, the company will begin integration in a phased approach to ensure reliable and seamless service to customers. The company expects to begin migrating work to the Digital Solution Center within three months and complete the process in one year. The company opened its first Digital Solution Center for offset customers, including business-to-business, specialized publishing, and special-interest consumer magazines, in Pontiac, Ill., last year. R.R. Donnelley is currently serving 700 magazine publishers and managing 35,000 print advertisements via AdSpring in the Pontiac center.