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New GATF Text Details Nine Steps to Effective and Efficient Press OKs

Press release from the issuing company

Pittsburgh, Pa., December 18, 2002 — Fear and intimidation are common for many print customers asked to conduct a press check, but an effective press check or color OK is vital for a quality printed job and customer satisfaction. To help those new to the industry or who are not sure how to conduct a press check, the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) is offering a primer titled Nine Steps to Effective and Efficient Press OKs. Readers will learn a systematic approach for conducting successful, less stressful press OKs for four-color web offset or sheetfed offset printing. “An inexperienced customer conducting a press check might be indecisive or make unreasonable requests of a printer—both of which may strain the relationship and cost the printer time and money,” says Diane Biegert, author of the new guide. A former printing sales representative turned consultant, she has seen press OKs go awry all too often and create avoidable ripple affects. “In today’s competitive market it behooves printers to provide their most valuable or new customers with the value-added service of press OK guidelines. Printers need to ensure that an inexperienced customer conducting a press check, as well as the customer’s supervisor and end-users, are satisfied with the quality of work produced.” Biegert, who created six hands-on training seminars, workshops, and interactive lectures called The “Perfect” Press OK, drew upon her work and teaching experience to write this unique step-by-step primer. This book begins with an overview of the printing process and an explanation of some printing terms. Biegert keeps it simple by providing only pertinent information needed for successful press OKs. Section I then asks the reader to define several goals. Prior to the press OK, print buyers, or whomever will conduct the press check, should determine quality expectations, identify hard-to-print pages or images, identify the type of color proof, identify the finish and color of the paper, and determine the similarity of color proofs to product. Section II focuses on performing the press OK. Four chapters explain the steps to be taken on site at the printing facility while the job is being printed. These chapters cover topics such as “compromise,” comparing printed product to color proofs, communicating required adjustments to the printer, and when to sign off on the product. The last chapter summarizes the nine-step process. Chapters 4–13 each have a section called “Actions to Take,” which summarizes specific actions readers can take to implement each of the nine steps in the press OK process. Additionally, in most chapters, Biegert provides a notation area for readers to write down information as they implement each step. A helpful glossary and an index are also included. Nine Steps to Effective and Efficient Press OKs (ISBN 0-88362-314-5), a 112-page, full color, softcover text containing over 20 graphics, is available for $25 ($20 for GATF/PIA members), not including shipping. Discount rates for bulk orders for training groups or client gifts are available. Orders may be placed by contacting GATF by phone at 800/662-3916 (U.S. and Canada) or 412/741-5733 (all other countries); fax at 412/741-0609; or online from the GAIN Store. Mail orders to GATF Products, P.O. Box 1020, Sewickley, PA 15143-1020. Indicate Order No. 1713.