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ECRM Promotes MAKO 4x and 8x at KIPES 08

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KINTEX, GOYANG KOREA -- September 29, 2008 -- Following up on a very successful Drupa, ECRM promoted the MAKO 4x and MAKO 8x platesetters, each enhanced with a more powerful 120 milliwatt laser diode at KIPES 2008. The new platesetters are not only adapted for promised chem-free plate offerings, but offer superior energy efficiency. Exhibiting with their Korean dealer, Soluwin (in booth #323), ECRM heralded the advanced speed, quality and green benefits of the new systems. KIPES 2008 (16th Korea International Printing Machinery & Equipment Show), was held in KINTEX, Goyang, from September 25-28, 2008. For more information about ECRM and their offerings, go to www.ecrm.com.  
ECRM Platesetters Conserve Energy and Costs
For years, ECRM has engineered their violet CTP platesetters to be both economical and energy-efficient. For example, the MAKO CTP platesetters are designed to draw as little energy as it takes to light three 100-watt light bulbs. For some commercial customers, the cost saving in using an ECRM platesetter (versus an industry competitor) can add up to as much as $1000+ US dollars per year. In an internal research study comparing various CTP offerings (based on product rating label, using lowest rated voltage and rated current), the MAKO platesetters were as much as 19 times more energy-efficient than some popular thermal CTP solutions.
Platesetter Design Equates to Energy and Dollar Benefits
The low-energy draw of ECRM platesetters can be attributed to its basic design, notes ECRM product engineering manager Dave Connor. Using flatbed, capstan-drive, and violet-imaging technologies are a major advantage compared to thermal drumsetters. Drumsetters with internal drum designs are inherently energy inefficient as they require a drum to spin up [and down] for the imaging and removal of each new plate.
In addition, the power to operate a thermal diode, on average, draws more than 40 times more energy than a standard violet diode (2.5 watts for thermal diodes to only 60 milliwatts for violet diodes). Thermal imaging typically requires the use of multiple diodes to generate sufficient energy to image thermal plate emulsions. ECRM uses single violet diode imaging technology. Avoiding multiple diodes translates to a significant economy in energy consumption and the many benefits of a less complex design.
Enhanced 120 Milliwatt Laser Diode Platesetters

  MAKO 4x: The MAKO 4x has been one of the first Violet CTP devices in the world to offer commercial printers a clear path to chemistry-free technology. Representing ECRMs highest quality imaging output with resolution sets from 1200  3556 dpi, the MAKO 4x is one of the fastest 4-page CTP units in its class, imaging over 19 Speedmaster 74 plates per hour at 2400 dpi.
  MAKO 8x: Designed for commercial printers, the MAKO 8x is engineered specifically to improve the efficiency of multi-press environments through its fast, flexible and trouble-free operation. And, suitable for all formats covering 2, 4, 6 and 8 page signatures it offers resolutions from 1800dpi to 3556dpi. And, MAKO 8x images up to 18 8-page plates per hour at 2400 dpi.