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Lake Image Systems Enhances Its Integrity Verification Solution

Press release from the issuing company

Henrietta, NY; (September 16, 2008) -Lake Image Systems has announced a major enhancement to its popular integrity verification and reporting solutions for fulfillment, packaging and plastic card processing.  The Lake Image Systems IntegraVision verification and audit trail reporting software now enables fulfillment and card processing operations to assign and track product identification numbers and document control numbers when items are merged.  With the enhanced Lake Image Systems IntegraVision software, fulfillment, card processing, and direct mail organizations can track nonmatching items as they are combined.  The new IntegraVision capability not only creates an audit trail of document numbers (e.g., invoices and packing slips) which are shipped with components such as mail order items or loyalty cards, but also ensures that preassigned values are properly merged.  Loyalty card account numbers, for example, may be assigned to a specific individual prior to fulfillment.  Lake Image Systems IntegraVision then reads the name from the document and the card number from the card, to verify, in real time, against a database, that the corresponding items are correctly assembled.  IntegraVision provides machine control to manage defective pieces and the resulting networkable audit trail may be used to prove the quality and integrity of the fulfillment process.
 According to Pat Hoskins , Lake Image Systems Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, "The enhanced capability of IntegraVision is an extension to the existing software.  Previous versions of IntegraVision are fully upgradable to support this new functionality.  All current capabilities-such as IMB verification, matching, missing/duplicate detection and integrity reporting-are simultaneously available with the new database matching and reporting.  With this enhancement, Lake Image Systems has moved beyond document processing.  Our industry-best performance now extends through fulfillment and packaging operations.   Lake Image Systems solutions can be placed throughout the production enterprise, maximizing return on investment for our clients."
Lake Image Systems is the worldwide leader in vision control and verification systems for direct mail and secure printing.  Based outside London , England , the company has manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and the United States .  Operating subsidiaries in France and Singapore provide additional sales and support. Lake Image Systems has more than 2200 installations around the world, and has provided customers with document integrity and print quality confidence for more than a decade.  Directly to customers and through partners, the company offers the latest technologies for mail verification, plastic card integrity inspection, billing and statement processing, print quality verification, and machine control.  Lake Image Systems is ISO 9000 certified, and has averaged more than 40 percent annual sales growth in recent years.  For more information call 585-321-3630 or visit www.lakeimage.com.