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Solving All Your Print Software Challenges at Once

It's easy to get into a panic when you wake up to the reality that your approach to software in your print business requires a major overall. It probably took you years to get into this state; don’t freak out because it could take years to crawl out of it. The best thing to do is to calmly prioritize and then start making incremental progress.


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About Jennifer Matt

Jennifer Matt is the managing editor of WhatTheyThink’s Print Software section as well as President of Web2Print Experts, Inc. a technology-independent print software consulting firm helping printers with web-to-print and print MIS solutions.


By Justin Bailey on Feb 26, 2020

Jennifer is right. Prioritization is really important, as best to get one thing done well and have it working than to fail on multiple levels.

Sometimes it helps to work with a partner that might have already worked on a similar problem to the one that you are addressing and can bring experience to the table to shorten development cost and get your improvement into the market quicker than if you were to do it on your own.

Often when our OEM partners are looking to address challenges with their software, the Technical Services team at Global Graphics Software can help them. This team of experienced engineers work alongside the OEM Engineers to work on a single challenge, breaking that down before attempting the next. We call this our 'BreakThrough Service' because we break through one obstacle to getting to market at a time, accelerating overall time to revenue.

The GGS team is not a profit-center in it's own right but has a clear goal of helping get OEMs using GGS software to market in the fastest time. So the only catch is that you have to be using technology from GGS, the fastest and most robust software in the market! (How bad can that be?)

If you want help with your software challenges, you may want to read about how we can help?: https://bit.ly/2HZqDS2


By Ali Ravari on Feb 26, 2020

Well written, Jennifer. Interestingly enough, I've found that not only is work not done well when you try to do too many things at once, but it also ends up taking longer to finish the project altogether.

I work with an MIS provider called Printmatics (feel free to check us out: www.printmatics.com) and I can't tell you how many times I've seen this play out.

When you try to fix too many things at once, you'll end up jumping back and forth between things on the to-do list before anything actually gets done. It makes for a much more stressful implementation experience and doesn't do you any favors as far as getting it done.


By Mark Myers on Feb 27, 2020

All of these problems are easily eliminated if you select an experienced company that has 98% of the setup and installation automated... Check us out @ www.estimatorcloud.com and from the site immediately do real live estimates of any kind to see how simple it can be...


By Dave Hultin on Feb 28, 2020

????? and ??! I'm also a Cal Newport fan, and there's so much truth in what you're saying in this article, Jennifer!


By Dave Hultin on Feb 28, 2020

Well that last comment didn't translate very well! :-) The icons that didn't translate are five stars nd a thumbs-up (the "?????" and "??" part of my previous comment!)



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