Not living anywhere near Arizona, I was unaware of the recent “Phoenix Llama Drama,” which is apparently not some new reality TV show. Rather, last month, a brace of the beasts escaped while—and I have to quote ABC News here—“making a therapy visit to residents at an assisted living facility.” And I thought my HMO was bad. Anyway, the unruly ungulates apparently caused a bit of a stir on the motorways and brought traffic to a standstill. (Said, I’m sure, some folks in Boston: “We’ll take the llamas if you’ll take the snow.”)

Anyway, Albuquerque Business First (via ISA SmartBrief) points out that, for one sign company, when life gives you llamas, make llamanade. The Phoenix Division of National Sign Plazas decided to have a bit of fun with wayfinding signage created specifically for the mischievous mammals.

“Yesterday's llama escape crippled Sun City, as well as the local and national media,” said Grant Hayzlett, President of National Sign Plazas. “While signage may not be the only solution, it certainly can be a starting point to help prevent these kinds of situations from happening again.”

National Sign Plaza wants to make sure that, should it happen again, drivers are aware. They're also ready with some livestock signs should any goats, cows, pigs or sheep escape.

It’s all a bit tongue in cheek, of course—and “yesterday’s llama escape crippled Sun City” are not words I think I have ever heard before—but remember: it’s all fun and games until someone loses a llama.