Web-to-Print and Print MIS vendors have always been represented at Graph Expo mostly hidden amongst the presses, wide format devices, and finishing gear. The trend we are seeing is less heavy equipment at the show, hence more room for software solutions to get the air time they deserve.

We are operating our print businesses in the information age. To remain competitive print manufacturers need to have access to the data their business is generating. Print software is the key tool to manage, organize, and present you the data you need to make better business decisions.

Printers are no longer simply investing in print software solutions and hoping for the best, their expectations has risen after too many false starts and complete failures. We see printers becoming more prudent shoppers, asking detailed questions about how the implementation process will work, what support entails, and how the vendor can help them succeed.

We expect to see this kind of deep-dive shopping on the show floor at Graph Expo, this trend is a healthy sign for the printers and a wakeup call to the vendors to increase their programs around the technology to create more customer successes and limit the print software implementation train wrecks.