Lorraine Justice, Dean of the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at RIT:

Three years ago Chris Bondy accepted a position with RIT as the Gannett Endowed Professor in the School of Media Sciences and as he was coming up to speed with this new role, our school was confronted with an immediate need for an Administrative Chair. At that time I asked Chris to lead the school as Administrative Chair and we both agreed that he would do this for a period of time.

Recently I secured an additional position for our school that will allow us to search and hire a dedicated Administrative Chair for our school, which will allow Chris to return to his role as the Gannett Endowed Professor. The College of Imaging Arts and Sciences will begin a search for a dedicated Administrative Chair over the coming months and Chris will continue to remain in the Administrative Chair position until the end of the academic year to facilitate the transition.

Chris should be applauded for all he has done to move the school forward as Administrative Chair over the past three years and I look forward to you all continuing to work with him to continue to develop and deliver strategies, educational content, and research that will drive our future success.