How are women faring professionally in the printing, publishing and graphic communication industry today? That is a question Dr. Twyla Cummings, Associate Dean and Professor in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at RIT has examined over the past 11 years.

Dr. Cummings first surveyed a group of women in 2000 to determine the demographic and employment status of women. A interesting topic in a male dominated industry. Last year Dr. Cummings revisited the topic with a survey 349 women attendees of Graph Expo 2011, members of RIT’s Printing Industry Center, RIT alumnae (women), and members of the Print Production Professionals LinkedIn group. With the 2011 study complete, a comparative research study is underway to determine if there were any significant trend changes has recently been released with some positive findings.

Summary highlights from the study (an in-depth research report is in process) suggest significant changes between 2000 and 2011:

1) more women in management and senior management positions.

2) a significant increase in the number of women business owners.

3) a significant increase in the length of time women have been employed in the industry.

According to Dr Cummings, “The outcome of this research suggests that women make up an integral part of the Graphic Communication industry and will continue to do so. As the industry continues to change and the search for key personnel becomes more competitive, it is believed that more women will pursue careers in all areas of Graphic Communication.”