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New words for a new print world

The vocabulary of print is changing. Our language in the printing industry is now beset with many new concepts and technologies. We need a common lexicon to help define and communicate.


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About Frank Romano

Frank Romano has spent over 60 years in the printing and publishing industries. Many know him best as the editor of the International Paper Pocket Pal or from the hundreds of articles he has written for publications from North America and Europe to the Middle East to Asia and Australia. Romano lectures extensively, having addressed virtually every club, association, group, and professional organization at one time or another. He is one of the industry's foremost keynote speakers. He continues to teach courses at RIT and other universities and works with students on unique research projects.


By HENRY HUNT on May 22, 2012

Thanks Frank, On our Indigo Press we still tell clients it's ink as the device says press. We shy away from saying Electro Ink 4.0 as most of our United Nations Clients would not understand even if we stopped to explain the ink concentrate and mixing oil concept to them or they might think we were talking about software. As we are in Kenya our operators have adopted the term "juice" to describe the ink in the BID as the tanks do look like juice despensers. Maybe in America it could be called "Kool-Aid" unofficially.


By Thaddeus B Kubis on May 22, 2012

There is only one new word and that is PROFIT, printing is a PROFIT based business, everything else is secondary.


By Patricia Benhmida on May 22, 2012

People are starting to talk about their businesses differently.
I used to hear phrases like "Getting by "and "hanging on," a lot ---Not so much anymore.
"Getting by" has morphed into to a guarded, half-assed "...so far, so good."
I hear that a lot: ...so far, so good, and... we've really started to get busy lately, and...as god as my witness, I will never be that vulnerable again.
It seems like we're all now just beginning to unfurl. We're loosening up. We're delicate. But we have a clarity and a new reverence for what's important, like never before....


By Richard Shields on Dec 27, 2012

Value seems to be , at times, overshadowed by perceived profit or "savings". A true value proposition will survive time and change and you can call it a winning partnership.



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