Heidelberger Druckmaschinen has announced a decision to restructure the company effective April 1, 2010. The new corporate structure will create three divisions: Heidelberg Equipment, Heidelberg Services, and Heidelberg Financial Services.

Heidelberg has been hit hard by the economic downturn which has reduced demand for offset presses in its core markets. Before the downturn the company saw weakened demand as result of advertising shifts to electronic media and increased use of digital printing. The company will attempt to diversify revenue sources by increasing service offerings:

The company is also responding to the changing structures in the global print media industry by putting in place plans to significantly expand the "Heidelberg Services" division, which is relatively independent of economic cycles. The objective is to provide services that will help Heidelberg customers enjoy greater success on a sustainable basis. In addition to improving machine availability, Heidelberg also aims to boost productivity and efficiency and facilitate process integration and environmentally friendly printing.

There have been numerous reports in German business publications about a merger between Heidelberg and manroland. Both companies have denied to comment on this speculation. manroland AG Chairman Gerd Finkbeiner recently stated “manroland will be debt-free soon