Professor Bob Chung of RIT's School of Print Media contacted WhatTheyThink about our recent interview with Elie Khoury of Alwan on our industry's continued struggle with color management.

Bob says,

"I find Elie Khoury's interview both informative and thought-provoking. There were many observations made by Elie on why color management is still something printers struggle with. For example: customer’s color expectation is vague, believing that good color will come by trying one’s best, and 'input files are from multiple sources without proper guidelines, etc.

I wish to add a few more more problems to the table:

  • It was not film-based color workflows, i.e., no separation films and film-based proofs.

  • There are excessive wastes and spoilage in the pressroom due to color-related problems.

  • Failure to recognize that color repeatability is the cornerstone for predictable color.

All these problems may be further elaborated in terms of causes and cures. We know that they have to do with skills, tools, knowledge, and attitude of individuals and organizations. At the end of the day, we can choose to do something to correct these problems. I invite Print CEO readers to chime in."


For those that are unfamiliar with Professor Bob Chung, he runs the the Color Management System Lab at RIT (disclosure: I worked at the Lab as a graduate student during my time at RIT). The Lab primarily supports teaching and research activities in color measurement, color quality assuarance, and ICC-based color management system for digital imaging, print production, and process control.