CBS, PepsiCo and Entertainment Weekly plan to include a video ad in the September 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly sent to Los Angeles- and New York-area subscribers. A paper-thin interactive video player that will start to load a video when a reader open the magazine to the ad pages.


The press release from Time Inc. has more details. AdAge has details on the ad deal.

The technology behind the video player, called VIP for Video in Print, is from Los Angeles-based Americhip which specializes in “creating sensory experiences” by including sound, light, touch, smell and taste in printed materials.

"We're thrilled to launch our patented VIP™ technology with advertisers like CBS and Pepsi," says Americhip, Inc. CEO Tim Clegg. "This is exactly the type of application we had in mind when we developed this technology."

Last September Esquire included E-Ink displays in the magazines 75th Anniversary issue.

The evolution in interactive print media continues.