VistaPrint and OfficeMax are being being accused of patent infringement by ColorQuick, LLC. ColorQuick acusses both VistaPrint and OfficeMax of infringing on U.S. Patent No. 6,839,149, a patent issued in 2005 that describes the “Preparation of production data for a print job using a still image proxy of a page description language image file.” The patent abstract describes the process:

A process is provided to prepare production data for a print job. In one embodiment of the present invention, the production data includes an electronic document defined by a page description language (PDL). The electronic document is stored in a PDL image file, such as a Postscript file, a PDF file, or the like. A still image proxy, which may be a JPEG file, a GIF file, a PNG file, or the like, is created of the PDL image file. An image display of the still image proxy is electronically manipulated. Information about the manipulations are recorded and subsequently used to revise the PDL image file so as to match the PDL image file to the manipulations made to the image display of the still image proxy.

ColorQuick is seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction against defendants from using the process as well as compensation.

VistaPrint and OfficeMax announced a retail, in-store strategic partnership in August 2007. In May 2009 VistaPrint formed a similar alliance FedEx Office (Kinkos). FedEx Office was not named in ColorQuick's infringement suit.

In 2007 a German Court found print24 and Infringed VistaPrint Patent. Update: George Alexander points out in the comments that the European Patent Office later nullified the patent after Print24 appealed the decision. Also in 2007 VistaPrint accused Taylor Corporation subsidiaries, 123Print, Inc., and Drawing Board Inc., of patent infringement. That case has not been settled.