Too Big to Mail

The U.S. Postal Service, losing business and money, must take radical steps to survive in the 21st century.

The USPS system was designed for 300 billion pieces of mail per year. Mail volume in 2008 totaled 202.7 billion piece and volume is decreasing.

Quebecor World: Has the Stalked Become the Stalker?

A hint came in this statement by a spokesman for Angelson and the other new QW directors: "The highly fragmented printing industry must undergo further consolidation, and this company will be an important part of that process. We look forward to providing overall strategic guidance, best governance practices and oversight."

That Donnelley-esque statement is a wake-up call for the Donnelley folks, who thought they were the ones to pursue the "strategic initiatives" to consolidate the North American printing industry. Those who crafted the proposal that Donnelley become QW's stalking-horse bidder were reportedly caught off guard by QW's responses, which amounted to "No," "No," and "Hell, no!"

What will happen at QW once they exit bankruptcy is anybody's guess. Though I doubt there will be any “Holy crap Quebecor World is buying …” moments any time soon.

How Nationwide more than doubled its sales with a new CRM strategy

By using Unica as part of its in-house CRM system, Nationwide has implemented one to one marketing to make tailored and personalised customer offers through direct mail, internet banking, and in-branch and call centre customer interactions.

Data-driven print is a win in this customer communication case study.

Increase Mail Efficiency with Web-to-Print

Real estate firm proves the power of digital print program

The marketers are taking notice of streamlined print specification and ordering.