The U.S. Government has asked the U.S. Bankruptcy handling the Quebecor World's restructuring to deny the plans of reorganization because of $10 million dollars of unpaid U.S. taxes and $150 million in Clean Air Act penalties.

The Canadian Press reports the U.S. government said in a motion filed Wednesday:

"Because these proposed third-party releases are not essential to the reorganization of the debtors, and because the proposed releases would discharge a wide array of potential liabilities, as to none of which this court has jurisdiction, and as to some of which there exist express statutory bars, the court should not grant the non-debtor releases requested,"

Quebecor World has not publicly responded to the U.S. government filling.

On June 22nd creditors approved the Quebecor World plan of reorganization. A confirmation hearing was scheduled to occur this Tuesday, June 30th for the U.S. and Canadian reorganization plans.