Wanted to make sure you guys saw this. It's posted over at WhatTheyThink.com as way to sort of wrap up our video coverage of drupa. I'll give you the back story. We always like to get Jeff Hayzlett of Kodak on video when we're at shows and he always makes time to do so. He's fun to have in the studio.

At drupa, we did not have a set time scheduled, but told Jeff to just drop in and we'd get a couple clips shot. It happened that he dropped in while Cary Sherburne (who typically interviews Jeff) was out on the show floor. I phoned Cary and it took her a while given the size of the messe to get over to us. In the meantime Jeff decided to go ahead and shoot the clip anyway without her. The results are below. I make two cameos in the clip. One is my arm putting the drupa sign down and the other is my iPhone interfering with Jeff's microphone something awful at one point.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed our coverage of drupa, especially the videos. This seemed like a fitting and fun way to end it: