I got an email today from Warren. He's the President & CEO of Pazazz Printing. He wanted me to check out a couple of videos they had posted on YouTube. Ordinarily this would be a quick check it out and move on to other things.

But this was no ordinary video. I watched it 3 times and will watch it at least 3 more when I finish this post. It's hilarious. A bit edgy. Shot well and edited even better. Plus it's the CEO stepping out of a normal comfort zone for a CEO and doing a quirky little YouTube video. The clip is hilarious all while making the point: Pazazz and Warren are passionate about print. Kodak's Jeff Hayzlett might be the ambassador of print (see upper right of this blog), but Warren appears to be the undisputed fanatic of print.

Here's hoping Warren and company will turn this into a series. He tells me they had great fun making it. Maybe we can get them to release the out-takes? There HAD to be out-takes! Blooper reel Warren! Blooper reel!!

Warren in a tie and on TV after the break...

The other video, where Warren is forced to wear a suit and sound all CEO-like. ;-)