Join us tomorrow to find out. Another from the Webinar Series entitled "Selling Digital Printing to the Financial Services Industry" with Frank Romano and sponsored by Kodak.

“Print is a major part of financial services marketing, representing a spend in the U.S. of $7.1 billion for investment companies and $5.2 billion for banks,” points out Romano. “Keep in mind that this only includes printing procured externally and not in-plant services.”

Romano points out that with the 2000 tax cut and other incentives for individuals earning over $200,000, and the move away from company-run pension plans to individual 401(k) plans, there will be significant flows of capital investors seek places to invest, and they will be choosing from among the over 15,300 investment companies with 8,044 mutual funds and just under 10,000 bank companies in the United States.

“These companies absolutely require print,” adds Romano, “especially direct mail. Promotional direct marketing develops interest, and kits of information are usually the follow-up. It is doubtful that engagement process will be replaced by the Internet anytime soon.”

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