He gets it. He really gets it. That's John Dvorak's claim over at pcmag.com. But can Rupert save newspapers?:

He may actually see the trends in the newspaper business and be the only one capable of correcting the spiral dive now being experienced by many dailies. At least so it would seem if, as reports indicate, he's telling his print-media minions that they have to rethink the business and make online the center of everything.

None of the newspaper people I know want to think about any of this. They prefer to lay off writers and cheapen the product to appease some unknown bean counter affixed to his spreadsheet at corporate headquarters.

Murdoch is a savvy cat. He seems to get alot of things at a point when others don't even sense they are coming. His latest surprise is his apparent conversion to sustainable practices. He has called on News Corp. to be carbon neutral by 2010. So the question becomes is this corporate opportunism or a principled position? If I'm someone who cares about sustainability do I care?