print uv logo Printers and other graphic communications professionals eager to learn about the latest developments in ultraviolet (UV) printing will see the technology come alive at the fourth annual Print UV Conference, to be held March 6–9 at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort. Experts in the field, from major press OEMs and equipment manufacturers to ink, coating, and consumables suppliers, to UV printers, will be on hand to participate in educational sessions, panel discussions, and one-on-one networking opportunities. The conference will focus not only on the technology, but also the business and sales aspects of implementing UV printing.

Ultraviolet, or UV, printing is starting to gain traction in conventional offset printing establishments, especially in Europe. In UV printing, materials are printed using special UV inks that, when exposed to ultraviolet light, dry instantly. The benefits of UV printing include not only rapid drying time, but also more vibrant colors (UV inks do not have time to penetrate into the substrate), greater choice in substrates (including plastics, vinyl, foil, paperboard, and other specialty substrates), and increased health and safety for press operators and the environment (the UV printing process does not use solvents and therefore does not emit volatile organic compounds). UV-printed materials can also be fully recyclable.

The benefits of UV printing include rapid drying time, more vibrant colors, greater choice in substrates, and increased health and safety for press operators and the environment.

Like most printing processes, UV printing started as a niche technology, but has been growing by leaps and bounds. The raison d’être of the Print UV Conference is to share information, strategies, trends, and techniques, ranging from the latest advances in equipment, inks, coatings, and other components of the UV printing process, including such new technologies as high-frequency power and LED curing; the economic and environmental benefits of UV printing; the integration of UV into one’s existing workflow; the opportunities to be had in developing proprietary print products based on UV printing and coating techniques; how to market and sell UV-printed materials; and the advertising, marketing, and media trends that are helping drive the growth of UV printing. The Print UV Conference also offers ample time for networking.

More than a dozen sessions look at cutting-edge UV printing technologies, demonstrate applications using specialty substrates, offer case studies of successful UV-printed projects, look at new equipment developments, and present a host of panel discussions, including one “open session” in which attendees can ask the panel any question they may not have had answered over the course of the conference.

A sampling of specific session titles includes:

  • New “H-UV” Technology
  • UV Comes to Life with Specialty Substrates
  • The Ink Process on Specialty Substrates
  • LED UV
  • Reticulated Coatings
  • Achieving Super-High Gloss
  • Special Effects with Coatings
  • Maintenance of UV Systems, UV Presses, Rollers

The full conference kicks off on Monday, March 7, with a welcome from Hans Ulland, founder and executive VP of sales and service for Air Motion Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of next-generation conventional UV and LED UV curing systems and related accessories. Monday also includes a keynote address by Warren Werbitt, “founder and fisherman” of Pazazz Printing, famous for the viral “Printing’s Alive” YouTube clip. Mr. Werbitt will share his personal journey through the printing industry’s downturn, and the opportunities afforded to his business by the potential of UV printing.

Warren Werbitt's "Printing's Alive" YouTube clip

The Print UV Conference is targeted toward owners and senior executives, directors and managers in sales, prepress, and manufacturing, and master printers and process engineers.

More information about the conference, and a registration form, can be found at

WhatTheyThink will be reporting live from the Print UV Conference.